10 Best Movies to Watch on Shrooms


Found below is our 2022 guide to the top 10 movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix. These top picks range from classics of several decades ago, straight to more recent ones from the late 90s to just a few years back. And we also prepared a section dedicated to the best cartoons to watch on mushrooms.

This mushroom movie guide won’t be possible without the help of our fellow Canadian film lovers. We interviewed lots of them throughout a couple of months. So we thank all of them for sharing these colorful trippy movies!

What to Expect from Our Best Movies on Mushrooms Guide This 2022?

Many of our fellow film fans all around Canada talked about their collection of movies to trip to on Netflix. They also contributed what they think are the best Disney movies to watch on mushrooms, while some shared psychedelic shows on Netflix.

Meanwhile, others gave us their top picks as the best movies on psychedelics. These films include what they say are hilarious movies to watch on mushrooms. A lot of them recommend Zoomshooms when watching any of their top picks. So dig right in!

10 Best Movies to Watch While Tripping on Mushrooms on Netflix (2022)

Thor (2011)

The movie Thor is available on Netflix. Published in 2011, Netflix released this in December 2019 for Canadian subscribers.

This movie got the most significant number of votes from large groups of film lovers all around Canada. We asked them for their top picks when it comes to the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix. We prodded further and asked them why they enjoy watching these types of movies on mushrooms, and here are the things they told us:

  • Visual Effects: Many say colorful, trippy movies enhance their psychedelic experience with shrooms. Others say this keeps their minds too busy being awed by amazing visual effects in many Thor scenes, enough for them to avoid feeling anxious while tripping on mushrooms;
  • Sound Effects: Psychedelic visualizations are given more oomph, so to speak, when integrated with equally excellent fantasy-like audio design, according to our fellow Canadian film lovers. And that’s why they enjoy watching Thor with all its visual and auditory effects contributing to their overall psychedelic experience;
  • Empathetic Scenes and Dialogue: The entertaining yet straightforward ways that scenes and dialogues in movies like Thor are presented make it more straightforward to empathize with the characters in the film, especially on mushrooms. This is what many of our fellow movie lovers told us, and lots of our testers agree with them; and
  • Happy Endings: The triumph of good over evil is what many of us expect from scenes in fantasy-adventure movies like Thor, as this has been ingrained in our minds since we first listened to fairy tales when we were kids. And many who voted for this film said they love Thor and other fantasy movies while tripping on mushrooms because they feel happy and relaxed after watching.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

It is another fantasy-adventure film, lots of Canadians placed their votes on this as among the best movies to trip to on Netflix. This was published in 2005 and is now available in Netflix Canada as of this writing.

Many of our fellow film lovers all around the country say they find themselves wanting to watch this while tripping on mushrooms repeatedly. And here are their top reasons:

  • Mind-Expanding Plot: Many of them say The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s plot promotes higher cerebral elevation when they’re high on shrooms. And some say the same thing happens when they watch this movie on other similar psychedelics. Digging much more profound about this, lots of them shared that they find themselves imagining long-running what-if scenarios while watching this Netflix film on mushrooms;
  • Visual Effects: Of course, fantasy-adventure movies, especially ones set in sci-fi scenes, are some of the most incredible things many of us like when watching films on mushrooms. This enhances our psychedelic experience, more so when in tandem with the cerebral elevation that we get;
  • Sound Effects: Fantasy-like, the sci-fi-inspired audio design provides a new dimension to our psychedelic high when watching mushroom movies similar to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy;
  • Happy Endings and Funny Absurd Scenes: Sometimes, we catch ourselves laughing when we realize the comedy behind the absurdity of situations at play in scenes of movies like this. And our high is nicely complemented by the happy endings of these scenes and the movie itself; and
  • Simple Yet entertaining Plot: A masterpiece in this regard, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy keeps things simple and straightforward to understand, all while allowing us to imagine alternative storylines and situations while watching this Netflix movie on mushrooms.

Interstellar (2014)

A modern sci-fi movie, Interstellar, was published in 2014 and was released in September 2020 on Netflix for Canadian subscribers. This film was able to amass a cult-like following immediately after its release in major cinemas worldwide. Many film critics say this is because of the movie’s mind-bending plot and cerebral style.

Many of our fellow Canadian film lovers, most of whom have professions like creative publishing, scientific research and engineering, voted for this film among the best movies to watch on Netflix. They like the science stuff integrated into this movie, mainly because it’s portrayed realistically from the base foundations of physics, astronomy, cosmology and space engineering. And, here are the things they say to make this movie quite remarkable when watching it while in schrooms:

  • Storyline: When you play with stuff in physics like wormholes and the concept of time and space, you can get into really mind-bending storylines, which happens in many of Interstellar’s scenes. And this is what a lot of our fellow film lovers like about this sci-fi movie. They say these storylines allow them to expand their imagination, all while constantly checking whether or not the scenarios they play in their minds are possible to the extent of being attainable, especially with the proper scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs;
  • Visual Effects: Some modern-day sci-fi films can present stunning graphics. But Interstellar is among the few that get this right, all while sticking to the fundamentals of physics for portraying these scenes with calculated realism. And, many of the film lovers we asked about this say their minds making these calculated observations while watching the movie enhances the enjoyment they get from their mushroom experience;
  • Sound Design: Playing 3D audio with realistic CGI effects isn’t as simple as it sounds (excuse the pun). But when done right, just like what Interstellar did, you’d get a lot of mushroom lovers in Canada casting their votes for this film as among the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix; and
  • Satisfying Ending: Despite the movie starting by proposing doomsday scenarios, Interstellar provides a satisfying ending that’s enough to give us feelings of peace and serenity after we watch the film on Netflix while still high on mushrooms. This is what many of our fellow Canadian film lovers told us when we asked them why they consider Interstellar one of their all-time favorite movies to watch while high on shrooms.

Best Cartoons to Watch on Mushrooms

Now at this point in our 2022 guide to the best movies to watch on shrooms, let’s continue with our top 10 list. But let’s move on to a dedicated list of the best cartoons to watch on mushrooms.

And here, we begin with a couple of the best Disney movies to watch on mushrooms, mainly because that’s how the results of our vote counting shook out. So let’s start!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

Walt Disney Pictures published Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988 under their Touchstone Pictures banner. They bought the rights to publish the film seven years later. And many of our fellow Canadian movie lovers say they consider this a breakthrough. They said that’s because the movie was among the first animated films they saw that combined natural scenes and actors with cartoon characters and visuals.

And, they also said watching it again as adults while high in schrooms makes them feel positively nostalgic, serenely peaceful and happy. And since that was something we wanted to experience, we watched the movie on mushrooms. So now, we’re happy to say that many of our volunteer testers say they have the same feedback!

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” isn’t available in Netflix Canada as of this writing. But you can always get it on DVD, buy it as a high-resolution digital download, or stream it from another online publisher.

Fantasia (1940)

This film is among the earliest releases of Walt Disney Pictures. It’s an animated musical that features classic symphonies by masters like Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky, among a few others. Released in 1940, lots of our fellow Canadian movie lovers say they enjoy how the synergetic combination of hand-drawn visuals and classical music organically promotes unique visualizations and auditory experiences in their minds while watching the film on mushrooms.

Some say Walt Disney Pictures knew that many young adult viewers were on mushrooms and other psychedelics when they watched Fantasia more than three decades after its initial release. And they also claim that this was why Disney published it as a revival in the 70s using psychedelic designs in their promotional materials, which significantly contributed to its success during that time.

Today, Fantasia continues to nurture its cult-like status among adults in this modern age, especially across communities of psychedelic lovers in Canada and other countries. However, both the 1940 original and the 2004 revival aren’t available in Netflix Canada as of this writing. But as mentioned earlier, you can get it on DVD, stream it from another online publisher, or buy a high-resolution download.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This film permanently stamped Tim Burton’s style of combining fantasy with gothic and horror unto our minds, globally. Released by Buena Vista Pictures in 1993, this movie integrated stop-motion animation, giving the world a unique way to enjoy cartoons.

Although The Nightmare Before Christmas got more votes than the number 3 film here in our selection of the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix, we decided to exclude this film from our top 3. That’s because this movie isn’t available on Netflix as of this writing. Plus, it isn’t the fourth one in our selection either, mainly because it isn’t a Disney movie.

Many of our fellow Canadian movie lovers highly recommend this film, especially if you want to enjoy organic visualizations and auditory imaginings while on mushrooms. You can get it on DVD, from another Web video streaming platform, or as a high-resolution digital download.

Fantastic Planet (1973)

This is an animated movie published under the Anticipation banner of French publisher Fleuve Noir. It was released in 1973 and soon became the first-ever cartoon film rated PG (parental guidance) in the history of the U.S. This, of course, contributed to its cult-like following, which continues to grow up to this day, especially in countries like Canada, the EU, U.S. and many others around the world.

A lot of our fellow mushroom lovers in Canada say they prefer watching this film while high on shrooms only if they feel relaxed and don’t have any worries at that moment. That’s because many of them say the social commentary that makes up the core of the film’s storyline is a little bit sophisticated and darker than the others in their collection of what they consider as the best cartoons to watch on mushrooms. And they say this is enough to creep them out when they watch it while having bouts of mild to moderate anxiety while high on schrooms.

Best Funny Movies to Watch on Mushrooms

So now we transition to the most enjoyable comedy movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms. After all, a 2022 guide to the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix won’t be complete without something to make us laugh while high on these psychedelics. And here goes:

Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

This comedy film is highly recommended if you enjoyed Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Excellent Journey, two prequels to this 2020 movie. Orion Pictures, Hammerstone Studios, and Endeavor Content produced this series of films.

The main storyline is that only a song would be able to save life on Earth as we know it, according to a dude from the future who travels back to tell a couple of rockstar wannabes that the fate of the planet depended on their careers as pro musicians. And, a lot of our fellow Canadian film lovers who voted on this movie are real musicians by profession.

They say the film’s absurd storylines and hilarious scenes make their mushroom experience light and enjoyable. This, in turn, helps them relax and manage any anxiety that they sometimes feel when their high starts to wear off.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Released in 1971 by Wolper Pictures and a few other production companies, this musical adventure-comedy features a boy from a low-income family. The movie begins with him trying to fulfill his dream of winning a tour in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory along with a lifetime supply of the popular brand’s candies. Even if his family doesn’t even have money to buy enough of the brand’s candies and improve his chances of winning these prizes by getting 1 of only five tickets in the factory’s entire production supply at that time.

Willy Wonka is an eccentric recluse, and his announcement of these prizes catches the world by surprise. And as the movie continues, an almost magical series of events allows the boy to go on a tour of the mysterious chocolate factory. This is where his adventure starts, along with four other kids.

A light comedy with funny scenes, nostalgic visuals, simple dialogue and heart-warming propositions, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is recommended by many film lovers in Canada who all helped us develop our 2022 guide to the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix. This is available on Netflix for Canadian subscribers as of this writing. But it didn’t get enough votes to be included in our top 3.

Monsters University (2013)

A sequel to the 2001 global hit Monsters, Inc., this is a film that Walt Disney Pictures released in 2013. And Pixar Animation Studios produced this movie with captivating animations from modern-day CGI technology. Advanced techniques for the sound design of this film also add fuller dimensions to the overall viewing experience, especially when you’re on mushrooms.

And we got similar feedback from the Canadian film lovers who voted for this movie in our carefully pruned selection of the best funny movies to watch on mushrooms. They all say they like the funny scenes and dialogue in this film and have gone to love the movie’s main characters. As a high-resolution digital download, you can get this on DVD or from any popular Web video streaming platform (this title isn’t available in Netflix Canada as of this writing).

And that concludes our selection. But we’re a firm believer in the notion that if you fully understand something, then you’ll be able to maximize its benefits. This is true in most cases, even on psychedelics like mushrooms. So at this point in our 2022 guide to the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix, allow us to provide straightforward answers to some of your most pressing questions about mushrooms, their benefits and their effects. This way, you’ll make a more informed decision on which movies to try out first while high on shrooms.

Psychedelic Mushroom FAQs (2022)

What Are Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Many types of mushrooms are known to have psychedelic effects once ingested. But the most popular ones as of this writing are types classified under a polyphyletic informal group of fungi. These are non-toxic, non-poisonous mushrooms with a naturally occurring compound called psilocybin.

Once ingested into the human body, the body’s enzymes catalyze this substance into psilocin. And as soon as this interacts with specific components of the human CNS (central nervous system), many scientific research studies indicate that this causes psychoactive effects. These microdosing mushrooms are highly recommended by many, especially for first-timers.

What Are the Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Among the most prevalent effects are mild to moderate hallucinations, cerebral elevation, positive giddiness and creative inspiration. Other participants in human clinical trials performed by many research groups in Canada’s leading universities say these mushrooms make them feel relaxing therapeutic effects, sufficient to help them manage bouts of anxiety and depression that they’ve been regularly experiencing even before these tests.

Are Psychedelic Mushrooms Legal in Canada?

Now let’s talk about the legality of these psychedelics here in this section of our 2022 best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on the Netflix guide. Recently, the national government of Canada allowed the decriminalization, legalization and regulation of psychedelic mushrooms, but only for controlled clinical settings for scientific research medical and therapeutic use. This means psychedelic mushrooms are still prohibited for applications other than those mentioned above. So recreational use throughout the country isn’t allowed.

How to Use Psychedelic Mushrooms?

The most common method of ingesting these psychedelic mushrooms is eating them once dry. You can also use it as an ingredient for your favorite recipes, especially those that already use other types of edible mushrooms.

Many Canadians also prefer using psychedelic mushrooms by brewing them as tea or any other hot and cold beverage. On the other hand, others make jam out of these psychedelic mushrooms. They then spread this onto bread and other types of food.

Because these shrooms are also considered herbs, some groups of cannabis lovers in the country have started testing these out for their tinctures. This is made by soaking psychedelic mushrooms in a solution using an organic substance like alcohol. After leaving the solution for a day, the liquid is then isolated from the soaked mushrooms. This is then used as a concentrate that you can drop beneath the tongue or mix with your food.

What to Watch Out for When Using Psychedelic Mushrooms?

To provide you with more beneficial content, we’re giving you the shortlist below as a bonus section of our 2022 guide to the best movies on psychedelics. And here you go:

First, the most important thing to keep in mind is that some mushroom types look a lot like the psychedelic, edible ones discussed in this guide. However, a few of these types are poisonous and can cause mild to severe irritation and adverse effects once ingested. So be extra careful when acquiring and taking these mushrooms. Make sure that what you have are edible, non-poisonous ones.

Second, you should remember that the effects of these psychedelic mushrooms differ from person to person. To put this in a much better perspective, don’t forget that there are certain situations where mild hallucinations for some turn into moderate to even severe ones for others.

More so, ingesting even the right types of psychedelic mushrooms might have direct adverse effects on you and no observable effect on others. These include allergic reactions or any mild disruption to your physiological condition.

Third, always consult your physician or a medical professional with verifiable expertise in the effects of hallucinogens and psychedelics on the body and mind. Do this before you use psychedelic mushrooms for the first time or even before you plan to continue using these with a more organized schedule in terms of regularity.

Besides, you might be regularly taking other types of medicine and a variety of intoxicating substances like alcohol, large doses of caffeine, cannabis-infused products and so on. So by doing this, you’ll know for sure whether or not it’s safe for you to use psychedelic mushrooms. And remember, this is still highly recommended even for veteran consumers of these magic shrooms. That’s because our physiological conditions constantly change and don’t remain stagnant.

Fourth, if you’ve carefully followed the stuff mentioned above and still want to go through our list of the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix, then it’s always safest for you to have a trip-sitter along with you in a controlled environment. This trip-sitter is someone who can guide you through your psychedelic mushroom experience. Of course, that also means your trip-sitter should have sufficient knowledge and experience in using these psychedelics and managing their effects across a myriad of conditional situations.

Fifth, it’s prudent to have a list of both personal and, more importantly, medical emergency contacts handy with you at all times. Populate your list before you start watching these movies to trip to on Netflix. What you should do is identify the nearest medical facilities with emergency responder teams that are known to specialize in handling accidents and other unforeseen events due to psychedelic mushrooms and other similar substances.

Sixth, never drive any vehicle or operate any equipment that can pose a serious risk to yourself and others when tripping on any psychedelic. This is where a trip-sitter becomes critical, as they should be able to stop you when you forget this vital reminder.

Seventh, keep your psychedelic mushrooms away from the reach of children and kids around you if any. And, don’t use these substances while around them. Also, store your psychedelics in a container that even your pets won’t be able to access.

Eighth, don’t take any other intoxicating substance while you’re high on psychedelic mushrooms. This includes alcohol, caffeine and cannabis, among others. And, keep this in mind, even if you’ve already built up considerable tolerance and familiarity with the effects of these psychedelics on your body and mind. That’s because you might lose control when mixing these substances while high on shrooms, preventing you from limiting your consumption of these other substances.

For example, you might drink too much alcohol while high on psychedelic mushrooms without your conscious knowledge. That’s because the effects of these psychedelics might include short-term memory loss, which is rare but could still occur.

Ninth, always stay in a controlled environment before and a couple of hours after the effects of these psychedelics wear off. Don’t go walking around unfamiliar places outside your controlled environment. That’s because your altered sensory perception might, for example, make you walk on steep ledges and other elevated areas. Remember, similar accidents are among the country’s leading causes of deaths and severe injury due to hallucinogens and psychedelics.

Tenth, don’t use psychedelic mushrooms in public places. Plus, don’t go to these areas if you’re high on shrooms. Keep in mind the people in these places are unlikely to know or guess that you’re tripping on mushrooms. So that makes their behaviour to you unpredictable, and vice-versa. Besides, you might be unable to control your behaviour toward them because of the effects of these psychedelics on your body and mind.

And that concludes our 2022 guide to the best movies to watch while tripping on mushrooms on Netflix. We highly recommend trying out any of the top 10 picks in our selection of the most enjoyable, colorful trippy movies to watch while high on shrooms. And of course, you’re advised to follow the tips that we described in detail carefully. This can ensure safer, more fun ways to enjoy your psychedelic mushroom experience.

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