31 Best Activities To Do On Edibles

Simply doing nothing is okay when you’re stoned. But if you’ve been sitting down doing nothing while munching on your favorite edible snack for too long, maybe it’s time to change. There are more than 30 fun activities you can do while slowly enjoying the THC’s effects on your body. Here is a complete list of some of the best ones we could think of doing while eating edibles!

Things To Know Before Eating Marijuana Edibles

Whether you’re biting into a pot brownie prepared in a college dorm or nibbling on a fruity edible obtained from your local dispensary, you never know how much marijuana you’re exactly ingesting. So, don’t take too much at once!

Remember that edibles can take up to one and a half hours to kick in, and the effects can be intense and long-lasting.

Edibles offer a discreet yet adventurous way to get high in public, and a single dose can power users through boring evenings and lazy weekends. Edibles are also often the consumption method for people using marijuana for medicinal purposes (or those who don’t want to smoke).

Remember that it doesn’t matter who you are or what size you are. Edibles will affect everyone differently. Enjoy the high, but proceed with caution. Here are a few things to account for before trying your first marijuana edible.

  • Cannabis-infused edibles are typically more potent than a regular pot.
  • Always read the labels and THC content carefully before buying your favorite cannabis product.
  • Although it’ll be okay if you get too high, try to find your dose before trying edibles.

Fun Things To Do While Stoned; With Other People

People use marijuana edibles because they taste amazing and can be combined with various types of junk food and enjoyable activities. Please note that these fun things to do while high are in no particular order!


Gravity (and couch lock) can become too much when you consume THC. However, you’ll enjoy the effects of cannabis better if you get up and move once in a while. Play a type of music that gets your foot tapping. Turn up the volume, and let your body move to the beat. If you’re going to a dance club with visuals like smoke or lasers, that’s even better!

Tai Chi

Boost your heightened awareness by performing and learning some Tai Chi. You’ll become more aware of your heartbeat, breathing, and energy flow from head to toe and back again. You’ll be surprised to learn how well Tai Chi and marijuana go together.

Go For A Walk

Go for a stroll through the city or a nearby park, or perhaps just a few blocks around your neighborhood. You’ll experience each environment in a new way. Suddenly, you’ll catch minor details that never really stood out. Initially, it might be tricky to motivate yourself to start walking. 

But once you do, you’ll immediately notice how nice it feels. It might even feel like you’re floating at a brisk pace. Also, physical activities help stimulate brain activity, intensifying and potentially prolonging your high.

Watch A Movie

Watching a movie may seem like a clear choice, but we’re not talking about any old film. While finding a quiz show on TV could be okay, there are a lot of movies that are ideal for watching while high. 

You’ll be drawn into the sense of humor, random situations, and often ridiculous plots of stoner comedies. More critically acclaimed or artistic movies can also be entertaining. We also recommend watching animated films or rewatching your old favorites.

Go To The Circus

You probably got your fill of any circus when you were a kid, and now it’s not so special. But the circus can be mind-blowing if you take some excellent edibles beforehand.

Try A New Restaurant

It’s always nice to get out and try something new. Find something local and fresh, and fuel your body with something good while supporting a local business. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, most restaurants now let you order take-out!

Board Games

There’s a multitude of options when it comes to fun board games to play while you’re stoned. Of course, there are the old classics like Battleship, Chess, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Monopoly, etc. Pick something from your shelf and give it a go!

Play Video Games

If you’re not a pro gamer, playing some classics while high on marijuana is still fun. Remember the old classic games? It becomes much harder to find time to play video games as we get older. The perfect time to play is when you’re high! 

Recent advancements in understanding the endogenous cannabinoid system show its essential role in many critical functions that can positively affect sports performance. When an athlete is under the influence of weed, they experience enhanced creativity and better decision making. 

Other possible benefits include superior sensory perception, improvement in self-confidence, and better performance under pressure.

Depending on what you try, you’ll either become a great master of your craft or be stuck at the same level for hours! Either way, the colors, sound effects, and overall experience of playing a video game improve drastically when you’re high!

Visit A Museum, Art Gallery, Exhibit

Most galleries update their exhibits quite often. Just take a gummy and then take a trip to that new art exhibit you heard about last week. There are many options in each district, especially in bigger cities.

Play Frisbee At A Park

Sometimes, the most simple activities can be the most rewarding. Go outside and get some fresh air! Toss a Frisbee. It’s great for the spirit! Tossing Frisbee gets you out of the home and gets those endorphins going while refreshing memories with old friends. 

You can go out for fresh air or a stroll, but you should avoid driving a car or operating machinery while high.

Go To A Local Concert Or Music Festival

Everyone knows that music sounds much more remarkable when you’re stoned. Find a local festival or show. Live music always sounds more splendid when you’re high. 

Many artists also offer live stream shows, Which are only growing in popularity because of the pandemic. Visit their websites and figure out how you can support your favorite artists.

Go & See Stand-Up Comedies

Check out your local comedy spot for a great high time. Every once in a while, there should be a hit somewhere. And even if the comedian sucks, you’re still high, and you can’t go wrong here.


Take a hike! Just consider how busy we are with our tiring jobs in the city! It’s necessary to take a trip out to the wilderness and explore the great outdoors. And when using cannabis products like gummies, we recommend hiking activities with at least one other friend. This isn’t exclusively for your safety, but it’s also more fun when you bring someone along!

Hit The Beach

Whether you like surfing, sunbathing or hitting up all the little shops, the beach is a good time for everyone (especially while being high). How about going for a smooth bike ride near the ocean or lake, doing sports, or bringing a camera for a photo adventure?

Do Yoga Or Workout

Yoga can get you in a peaceful state and limber up your body. If you’re not into Yoga, then hit the gym! After consuming a proper strain, you may enjoy your workout more and do it even longer.

Get A Massage

If you love being pampered, this has to be one of the best activities! Get ready for your next massage while stoned and experience the amplified relaxing effect.

Watch A Documentary

Anything involving some animals can usually guarantee a good time. Check out Netflix’s fun documentaries, such as Planet Earth and Cosmos.

(Re)Connect Socially

The right cannabis can make you very talkative. It can facilitate banter loaded with silly jokes or exciting and more meaningful conversations in a group. Call a good friend while riding the vibe when alone but feel the buzz.  

Consider calling a buddy you haven’t had contact with for a while, perhaps because you had some issues with them. You might be able to reconnect now, talking through things in a way that didn’t seem possible before.

Have Sex

When you’re stoned, connecting feels more natural, and you can let your guard down easier. Making love is perhaps the best activity if your partner is high too. Your senses are heightened, and every touch feels more delicate, gentle, and magical. 

You might completely forget about time, especially if you create a suitable atmosphere with cozy candles. Sharing a gummy before having sex can help change things up a bit and enhance your sex life.

Fun Things To Do While Stoned; Solo Adventurer

You can enjoy doing some of the things we just mentioned while you’re high and alone. And some might even be more pleasant because you can do them at your own pace and enjoy your elevated experience. Let’s pack a bowl and put some of these things into our list!

Listen To Music

Yes, this old cliché! But listening to music is great when you’re high! Whether you’re into classical, rock, or hip hop, listening to good music when you’re stoned is a unique experience. After all, it isn’t all that great without the proper marijuana gummy.

Pull Out A Coloring Book

When you’re high, another fun thing to do is color books— use coloured pencils, crayons, or markers, whichever you prefer. Just grab a fun page and color it up!

Get Creative

Do you love to draw? How about painting? Whatever your talent is, you get more creative when you’re high. The experience can give you time to think and reflect; it’s a lot of fun!

There’s a good reason adult coloring books have recently become such a big hit. Artistic therapy is recognized as a clever way to relax, and it gets even better when combined with eating edibles!!

Go To A Botanical Garden

Try to surround yourself with nature, e.g., the gorgeous plants. Bees and butterflies accompany vibrant flowers and rare trees. We’re talking about a great place where you can take a nap under a tree. 

And if you can’t visit a botanical garden, why don’t you start your garden. Visit a local nursery, pick up a plant, and let its green energy soothe your soul!

Start Writing

If you don’t usually write, it’s still fun to see what happens when you put pen to paper. Perhaps you’ll write a ridiculous story that’s fun to read again when you’re stoned. Maybe you’ll put all your emotions into a personal letter to someone. 

Making lists can also be marvelous. You never know what you’ll come up with when making a baking bucket list. You can even make a whole new list of things to do while high. However, it would be best to go over all these ideas sober before you do them stoned.

Read & Study 

Reading (and studying in particular) doesn’t sound like a super fun time, but it can be incredible after partaking in a weed gummy. The things you’ll learn will expand your consciousness.

Evaluate Your Culinary Skills

What goes better with cannabis gummies or brownies than your favorite food? Whether you prefer a Michelin star adventure or old-fashioned chips from the back of the kitchen cupboard, food and marijuana are great!

Why don’t you give your local pizza delivery guy a day off? Why not test your culinary skills and get inventive in the kitchen? But this is certainly a tip before you get stoned. The last thing you want when you’re intoxicated is to start cooking! Nevertheless, there’s nothing like delving face-first into a plate of homemade food when you’re high as a kite!

Getting some THC and CBD in you is an excellent time to experiment with new foods. Add some unique ingredients that you don’t usually use to see what taste you can come up with. Or even better, make your edibles at home! But be careful not to use too much weed.

We offer various options if you decide to buy our THC-infused gummies instead. Just check out our cosmic caviar and enjoy!

Lay Under The Stars

We’re always underneath an incredible view. Yet, nowadays, it’s hard for many people to slow down or stop to look up. Lay a blanket outdoors, play some instrumental music and lay underneath the stars. Find your favorite constellations and try to discover some new ones. There’s no wrong or right when you bask in the infinite beauty of the universe.

Plant Something

Another fun thing to do when you’re stoned is spend time in the garden. Planting and watching your plants grow is a gratifying experience. From fruit trees and flowers to succulents, it’s enriching to watch the plants flourish and have the bees and hummingbirds come to visit.

Get Crafty

Your brain can spark more creativity while on cannabis edibles. It’s almost certain that cannabinoids can interact with the human brain, boosting creativity and cognitive functions. After taking cannabis edibles, you may feel somewhat distracted. Your mind expands and wants to connect things (like puzzle pieces). 

You can take full advantage of this elevated state by some woodworking, scrapbooking, crocheting, jewelry making, or sculpting. When it comes to this fun thing, the world is your oyster. If crafting isn’t already on your list of fun things while stoned, you should add it!

Take A Nap

Nothing is better than taking a good cat nap after eating some cannabis edibles. Depending on the dosage, you could get better rest than you usually do. For example, Indica strains are great for relaxing and make you sleepier than Sativa strains. 

But don’t think that Sativa Strains won’t give you some well-needed shut-eye just because they give you a boost of energy. Don’t forget to check out our twisted extracts. There, we offer Indica-derived extracts which can help you fall asleep.

Clean & Tidy Up

Some edibles will give you a boost in energy combined with an enhanced level of focus. Use this opportunity by doing something productive. You probably dread cleaning your home, but cleaning feels almost therapeutic when you’re high. 

Also, completely reorganizing your wardrobes and cupboards can be a relaxing activity from time to time.

Bottom Line

There are multiple ways to have fun while on edibles. Don’t be that bland couch potato who does nothing while getting high. Whether you prefer listening to music, binging on Netflix, or playing board games, an activity can keep you calm and occupied.

Which of the activities mentioned above is your favorite? If you have something in mind not mentioned here, feel free to let us know, and we can include it! Whether you want to do something relaxing, active, or creative, we know precisely the type of cannabis product perfect for the activity.

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