5 Best Pre Rolls You Can Find In Canada


Not long ago, authorities finally blessed the cannabis community in Canada with the legalization of all of marijuana’s various applications, from recreational to medical and everything in between. The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana strains in Canada in October of 2018 created headlines and made strides toward assisting the cannabis community in other areas of the world.

Now, Canadian residents have the freedom to choose their favorite product from among numerous product types in the market. From Indica or Sativa dominant strain flowers, oils, and concentrates to the more recent and popular forms like pre-rolls.

The pre-roll industry is brimming with gems for all types of smokers. You can purchase pre-rolls in packs of multiples, single strain, or rolled in kief, shatter, or oil. You can also choose THC and CBD levels and the number of grams per roll. All in all, it’s a cannabis paradise with ready-to-smoke weed!

Soon, you’ll learn all about pre-rolled cannabis joints, their background, benefits, and content.

A Background Overview   

Cannabis consumers worldwide are adamant that cannabis use should not be regarded as a criminal offense. In fact, before it’s legalization in 2018, Canadians stood up to support this cause. Yes, cannabis was once illegal in Canada, but that didn’t stop people from using it before authorities legalized it.

There are many legal and reliable online dispensaries selling different cannabis products. Of course, traditional cannabis flower is still high in demand in the market, but users have ventured beyond rolling joints now.

Yes, rolling the perfect joint is indeed a wonderful achievement, but there are occasions when speed and convenience are more important. Fortunately for everyone assigned to be the joint rollers in their group, the legalization of marijuana and hemp opened new doors.

After a while, the research resulted in new and imaginative solutions to make the lives of cannabis users more accessible and more joyful by eliminating all of the hard work. Pre-rolled joints were also among the breakthroughs that came about. These joints save the effort of manually rolling a joint, allowing the user to get right to smoking the strain of marijuana they want.

Machine Rolled Marijuana Joints

Simply put, pre-rolls are joints or cones that have been pre-rolled by the cannabis producers or dispensaries selling them. Many people believe that pre-rolls are prepared by hand, which is not valid. Instead, they are loaded and rolled by a machine with a human agent supervising the process.

These machines usually use trim, which is essentially a blend of buds and fragments of leaf right off the cannabis plant, to fill pre-rolls. Depending on the user’s preference, these machines can roll the trim in a blunt, joint, cone, or similar wrap.

After each joint is filled, an employee carefully tamps down the contents to ensure it isn’t too tight or loose, which can cause it to burn poorly. Then, the pre-roll is ready to use with a tip twist. Of course, trims are not the only cannabis plant material used to prepare pre-rolls. Some of the other content may include the following.


Shake is another source of pre-rolls. Small flower parts come off as nugs are shuffled about in jars at dispensaries, which budtenders can collect for use in hybrid strain pre-roll joints.


Full nugs can also be crushed down and used in pre-roll cones, which have a noticeably higher price. Nug-sourced pre-rolls are more challenging to find, as most pre-rolls are designed to use up all products from growers and dispensaries.

Depending on what the pre-roll is laced with, you should expect to feel the full blow of smoking a nug pre-roll between 30 minutes to 1:30 hours. Because everyone’s tolerance level is different, some users may need more than fewer hits of a pre-roll to get the full high.

5 Best Pre Rolls in Canada


Potency: THC 19-25%

Each joint in this pre-roll weighs 0.5g and comes in a convenient 3-pack. It includes the Garlic Breath strain, unique garlic and coffee fragrance.

Garlic Breath is a mostly Indica strain with an earthy, fresh, and sweet aroma. Producers use hang-dried, hand-trimmed, and slow cold cured flowers in these pre-rolls. Each joint is individually filled, twisted, and packed by hand.


Potency: THC 21-25%

These Quickies are manufactured from excellent, whole-bud Gelato 3, a high THC hybrid strain famous for its blazing orange hairs and dense green buds. This strain also has a sweet, citrus, and funky aroma. They are evenly milled, and machine rolled for a smooth burn.

Gelato 3 is the result of combining Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet. Tweed Quickies are packaged in a handy, recyclable case that keeps them sealed, protected, and ready to go when you are.


Potency: THC 55-65%

This pre-roll will knock off your moon boots. Moonrock Canada’s nugs are blasted with honey oil and dusted in kief for an out-of-this-world experience. This pre-roll is one of the most potent types on the market; thus it’s not for new smokers. Moonrock products are available in various flavors, including pia colada, watermelon, and blueberry crumble.


Potency: THC 23-29%

The THC content in Jeffreys pre-rolls ranges from 23 to 29 percent, which is pretty potent. Jefferys pre-rolls are a high THC Indica dominant strain created from a 100% quality whole flower blend. Each package contains ten 0.35g pre-rolls for 3.5g per box.

Jefferys produces smooth-tasting smoke and includes a built-in filter. Beta-caryophyllene, alpha-caryophyllene, and alpha-bisabolol are the most dominant terpenes in this product.


Potency: THC 1-7%

Thanks to its high CBD content with a bit of THC for activation, NEBULA II is one of the greatest pre-rolls for calming the mind and body. The 60/40 Sativa dominant strain is known for its therapeutic benefits and is a top-seller in the medical marijuana market, with a high concentration of CBD (15 %.) It works wonders for reducing pain, stress, and anxiety.

Benefits of Pre Rolls

A pre-rolled cone is an excellent choice for any cannabis enthusiast who wants to savor the flavors of a cannabis cone without having to roll it or go through the more time-consuming procedure of grinding the marijuana strain before rolling it.

Data from the Ontario Cannabis Store shows how pre-roll sales increased 196.48% year over year. They were also a top-three selling product category as the summer months approached.

We’ve already discussed how easy and convenient these pre-rolled cones are for marijuana smokers and how they come in a variety of strains and flavors to select from. However, there are a few factors we haven’t discussed yet that would give cannabis connoisseurs even more reasons to go out and buy a pre-roll joint rather than prepare one themselves.

Pre-rolls are ideal because they are inexpensive, portable, and straightforward. You can buy a pre-roll and light it whenever you choose if you don’t want to buy many flowers or deal with grinding and rolling it. Let’s go through some of the boldest advantages of smoking these packs.


Cannabis and hemp are both natural products. All of their constituent products have a shelf life before going bad, and the older the weed product gets, the less potent and flavorful it becomes due to a drop in cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Regardless of the standard shelf life and quality degradation with time, you won’t have to worry about your products’ shelf life if you buy your rolls manufactured from high-grade hemp buds from reliable sources. A manufacturer can increase the lifespan of their pre-rolled items through innovative packaging practices, allowing them to last longer than what you would expect from one you’ve rolled yourself.


Rolled cones are available in various shapes, sizes, and strains. They are friendly for all cannabis users, regardless of their prior cannabis or pre-rolled product experience. A rookie cannabis user might stick to a small pre-roll, but it wouldn’t hurt to go for a more common size for joints.

They can also choose more beginner-friendly strains than those containing more strong concentrates. Keep reading, and soon, you’ll find out where to acquire your pre-rolled cones, no matter what sort you’re searching for.

Finding the Best Pre Rolled Joints

MoonRock Canada is ready to help you if you are over 21 and want to buy pre-rolled blunts or joints. Moreover, our products will save you the time and effort of attempting to prepare weed joints yourself.

This also allows you to focus on the thing that matters: enjoying the product. Whether you want to take cannabis for medical purposes, recreational purposes, or for the first time, our pre-rolls will provide a satisfying experience. So, make sure you check our wide variety of pre-rolls or try our cosmic blunts today if you’re looking for an adventure,

Final Thoughts

Pre-rolled blunts and joints let people experience cannabis immediately without preparing it. They’re undoubtedly on the list of the most popular ways to use cannabis because they’re safe, discreet, and easy to dispose of after use.

Moreover, many consumers are more hesitant than ever to puff-puff-pass because of fears about Covid-19. That’s when the convenience and personalization of pre-rolled joints come into play. With all the advantages, it’s no wonder that pre-roll sales are increasing.

We hope reading this post helped you learn more about these cannabis goods.

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