6 Best Cheap Concentrates You Can Buy Online in Canada


A cannabis concentrate is a highly potent form of cannabis. It comes in plenty of different shapes and goes by lots of nicknames as well: Including Shatter, Hash, dabs, phoenix tears, extracts, and the like. There are plenty of legal dispensaries in Canada with a wide-growing assortment of extracts. You can be sure that an extract sold from a legitimate dispensary is created using only the best kinds of safety procedures. Cannabis specialists have also ensured that these extracts are made with the best quality ingredients and the safest process. Many people who produce top-grade concentrates in Canada are cannabis enthusiasts themselves, and they have managed to cover all aspects of extracting cannabis, so you can enjoy the latest trends when it comes to cannabis concentrates. 

Concentrates can come in so many different sizes, shapes, and forms – Ranging from capsules to tinctures and distillates, as well as several other kinds of THC that experts extract. The THC content found inside cannabis flowers is extracted so that the manufacturers can make a highly potent concentration from the cannabis plant. These concentrates are sometimes consumed through several methods. Meanwhile, alternative forms of concentrates are meant to be solvent-free, so you could only acquire that “high” from the cannabis plants without any plant matter involved.

What Are Concentrates?

A concentrate is a type of extracted form of active cannabis. These include CBD, THC, and terpenes that come from active cannabis plants. In simple terms, manufacturers extract all of the good stuff coming from the plants while removing the actual plant bits. Since these parts are removed, then distilled and condensed into nothing but their purest forms, they are very potent – Hence the name “Concentrate.” The components in the plant that have been extracted also happen to be the ingredients responsible for providing you with the flavors, aromas, and effects of the cannabis plant itself. A great example of something that has been extracted during this whole process is trichomes. These are known as the small crystal-like structures found on cannabis flower nuggets. Concentrates are sometimes referred to as “extracts” as well – This is both correct and incorrect. An extract does refer to a type of concentrate, but these are usually a certain kind of concentrated solvent. Meanwhile, the word “concentrate” itself can refer to several other types: budder, resin, oil, hash, shatter, etc. 

You can purchase a wide assortment of cannabis concentrates at a nearby dispensary. Ranging from THC oils to crumble wax to tincture oils and kief, you can get cannabis concentrates in a whole assortment of potencies and types. Enjoying cannabis in the form of a purified concentrate allows you to acquire a bigger dosage of cannabinoids like THC. A cannabinoid is a type of chemical compound found in cannabis leaves. THC is a psychoactive component, while CBD is a therapeutic component that helps you relax. 

2022 Guide on How to Buy Cheap Bulk Concentrates Online in Canada

A great way to consume cannabis is through the help of a battery-operated vaporizer. This is a discreet yet practical way for you to smoke dried-up cannabis flowers. A vaporizer is often utilized together with a THC cartridge, including concentrated cannabis oil. Because the oil no longer has to be heated up to the point of combustion, plenty of cannabis smokers have a more clear-headed and stronger experience when doing this activity. 

A cannabis cartridge is also referred to by its more common name – Vape pens. There are also two kinds of cannabis cartridges found on the market. Refillable cartridges, also known as open-system, usually include around 1.0 milliliters to 0.5 milliliters of cannabis oil and can also be refilled with new concentrates, letting you try out new varieties and flavors. A non-refillable cartridge, which also goes by the “closed system” cartridge, is already filled up when you buy them from a dispensary store. They are mostly designed for single use. 

Live resins are another kind of cannabis concentrate. This is a relatively new way for you to try out concentrates, but they’re growing in popularity as well. It’s a highly-aromatic concentrate that gives out plenty of potencies. This is paired up with the natural aroma and flavor of the cannabis strain of your choice. Extracting cannabis resin can be achieved through cryogenically freezing a freshly-harvested cannabis plant. This is known as a full-spectrum plant. It’s also a process that utilizes the whole cannabis plant, including the stalk, branches, and leaves. 

The main difference between live resin concentrates and other concentrates has got to be the terpenes. Because the average cannabis plant is immediately frozen after being cut, it emits the steps of curing and drying out the plants. And because 60 percent of these terpenes are usually lost while the cannabis plants are being cured, the terpenes in live resin concentrates are preserved instead. This way, it improves the flavor and aroma of the concentrate and further increases the feeling of stress relief and relaxation. 

Cannabis wax is an opaque yet soft oil that has since lost its transparency after being extracted. Agitation during the process will cause the molecules of a cannabis wax to begin crystallizing, which lets it take up several consistencies, depending on the texture, heat, and moisture of the environment. Meanwhile, runnier forms of cannabis wax include plenty of moisture, giving them a gooey consistency. It’s also the reason why this particular form of cannabis concentrate is nicknamed “budder.” Meanwhile, harder wax forms are more brittle and are sometimes referred to as a “honeycomb” or “crumble.” 

A wax-like cannabis concentrate also goes by other names, just like the other kinds of concentrates found in this list. They’re also known as BHO (butane hash oil) and 710, the word “oil” spelled upside-down, then reversed. Plenty of these cannabis waxes are created when you blast a plant with butane, then extract the THC, turning it into a highly-concentrated resin.

What Are the Different Types of Concentrates?

Did you know that there are plenty of cannabis concentrates that taste so much better than others? Learn more about the various kinds of cannabis extracts before checking out our wide range of concentrates to try. 

You need to learn about the different kinds of cannabis extracts when you purchase a concentrate. That’s because these concentrates are made when you extract the cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, so it results in a potent substance. These substances are typically high in THC and come in so many forms. It all depends on the consistency, which parts of the plant were used, and how they were extracted. Different forms of cannabis concentrates will provide different advantages for those who consume them. So, to help you make a wise decision, here are the six kinds of common concentrate types. 

  1. Shatter – Shatter is perhaps one of the most popular forms of cannabis concentrate. It’s got a sticky and glass-like appearance that breaks off easily because of how it shatters. This concentrate was made using a filtration process that utilizes butane oil to remove some impurities. Because Shatter is so fragile, it’s often stored inside parchment paper. It’s got a clear and smooth look and often comes with a yellow tinge. People like it so much because of its purity, as well as the high amounts of THC. 
  2. Crumble – Also known as Crumble Wax, and this is pretty much the opposite of Shatter, looks-wise. As its name has suggested, it’s soft, brittle, and can be crumbled easily. Crumble Wax concentrate is usually processed in lower temperatures for a more extended period compared to other concentrates since it’s so hard to handle, especially Shatter. The reason why people like it so much is because of its flavors and potency. It’s also not as sticky in comparison to other concentrates, so it’s usually stored inside jars. 
  3. Wax is another popular kind of concentrate, especially if you enjoy vaping or smoking dab rigs. This type is created in the same way as Shatter, with the help of butane filtration. Wax concentrates are usually sticky, which is why a unique dabbing tool is used to handle even just small bits of it. It’s got a brownish or yellowish color, with a very high amount of THC. Because wax is so sticky, those who own it for personal use or selling will usually recommend silicone containers as a great way to store them. 
  4. THC Oil – This is a very different concentration than the previous three. Instead of dabbing, THC oil is consumed using a vape cartridge. The oil is extracted from the cannabis plant using CO2 gas. The texture looks thick, but it comes in the form of a runny liquid that has a different taste to it versus other concentrates. However, many THC Oil consumers like this particular concentrate because it tastes clean. The extracted cannabis and refined oil give them a smooth hit which doesn’t make them cough too much, compared to dabs. Another advantage is that these oil vapes are much easier to set up and utilize than dab rigs, making them very popular for cannabis consumers who are always on the go.
  5. Water Hash – Water Hash concentrates are created using a unique extraction process. This is where cannabis plants are frozen, then eventually harvested for their trichomes. The trichomes are then filtered using bubble bags. You can make Water Hash concentrates in so many different ways. And as a result, it doesn’t have a standard color or texture. People enjoy consuming Water Hash thanks to its full spectrum taste and the lack of solvents or other chemicals to create it. 
  6. Rosin – Rosin is a concentrate that’s quite similar to Water Hash, as it is entirely produced without the help of solvents. This concentrate is made by applying heat and pressure to a dried-up cannabis herb. Rosin is a very popular concentrate because the flavors you get from it are all-natural. Many cannabis concentrate users have considered Rosin to be the purest form of concentrate available. Like Water Hash, this concentrate comes in so many forms and doesn’t include a singular set texture.

6 Best Concentrates in Canada This Year

Ranging from Shatter concentrate products to Hash and Live Resin concentrates, here is a roundup of the best concentrates you can find in Canada. They’re all a part of the country’s growing legal market of cannabis concentrates. Check out our best sellers to see which concentrates suit your taste.


This company was founded by brothers Alex and Tyler Rumi, hailing from Ontario. They, along with their group of friends, all came together to create Canada’s very first outdoor organic growth. They first began with a set of trailers found on Salt Spring Island, first settling off the coast of BC. The company was first built using a host of shipping containers. Since then, their Gulf Island farm has grown into one of Canada’s premier organic rosin producers. Good Buds’ set of Rosin concentrates pretty much everything that you’d expect to find inside legacy markets, as well as other places.


This company produces delicious terpenes, including tasty notes of bananas. It’s a honey oil that you shouldn’t miss, and you can purchase a bottle to infuse your drink’s food and create edibles with it. BOAZ is a company hailing from British Columbia and makes concentrates and other products using traditional methods. The company has now decided to bring this tradition of theirs throughout Canada, in which their concentrates are placed in that signature glass syringe. You can place this syringe directly on top of your vape or banger for dabbing purposes.


Bubba Nicholson started another Ontario-based company. This company recently opened their first farm-gate stores, so Canadians can now purchase their excellent concentrates and their other products. If you are used to purchasing expensive exotic cannabis extracts from an Instagram-based store, Greybeard will help you save some cash by letting you buy one of their concentrates instead. Their products pretty much have the same quality as those from other high-end dispensaries.


This Ontario company produces California-quality live resin products. The terpene contents found in their products are just top-notch, and the extracts themselves aren’t that bad, either. Owned by Peter Miller, Purple Hill Farm first began to see how macros can be sustained in Canada. This is also one of the oldest companies on the list, as Miller’s family has owned this company since the 1860s.


A Quebec-based company, this company specializes in traditional-style hashish. It is crafted by Jose Dominguez, a cannabis connoisseur and a master grower. Dominguez now works at Neptune Wellness Solutions, where he builds the best and most premium products crafted from CBD extracts to hash concentrates. He also uses the best terpene-rich cannabis nuggets, which he soaks using the ice-water extraction process. The result is then pressed into bars of gold.


This company sells nothing but the best Shatter concentrates on the market. According to people who have purchased from this company, the batch of Shatter concentrates they tried out was pink, with a snap-and-pull texture. But looks aside, all of their products are reasonably priced, which is already a great reason to buy from them. Blendcraft Sativa is from the same company behind Decibel, another popular Canadian dispensary. Their products include indicia-based Shatter concentrates, aside from the usual wax concentrates. All of their products are also lab-tested so that they won’t flare on your rig due to unpurged butane.

What Are the Benefits of Using Concentrates?

People love concentrates so much because of their high potency, even higher than the average cannabis. The average cannabis flower bud tends to have an average of anywhere ranging from 15 percent to 25 percent THC levels and only 1 percent of CBD. Meanwhile, concentrates will include nothing but pure THC, ranging from an average of 50 percent to 80 percent. The effects are also instantaneous compared to regular cannabis because the cannabis in these concentrates seep into the bloodstream faster, especially when you dab. So not only do they give you an instant form of gratification, but they also provide you with a more potent high. This is a convenient and fantastic way for you to get high and obtain the best effects of cannabis, especially for those who want to get the most of it without too much effort in less time. 

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