8 Best Strains To Consume While Watching A Comedy Show


Have you ever wondered why you can’t control your laughter at something as simple as a kitten in a YouTube video while you’re high? There is science behind this. Fortunately for both the audience and comedians, cannabis reduces the inhibition of the laughing reflex, so when someone smokes before a show, they are more open to nearly any type of humor.

Moreover, comedians also frequently use cannabis to create, punch up, or even deliver funnier jokes in front of large audiences. Depending on their objective and the kind of audience they’re performing for, they may opt for Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid strain.

Likewise, smoking these strains will make the person appreciate the show even more. Therefore, if you appreciate comedy (shows, movies, etc.), you’ll enjoy smoking the eight best weed strains discussed below.

Science Behind Laughing While High

You enter an altered state when you consume cannabis, wherein you experience time, colors, sounds, and everything else differently. The laughter reflex is more likely to be triggered in this altered state, just as the coughing reflex is more sensitive when you have a cold. Cannabis does this by raising the levels of molecules in your body that cause you to laugh, namely dopamine.

Furthermore, the binding of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, to endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body induces the release of dopamine and serotonin. These joyful neurotransmitters can also help you laugh more quickly by lowering impulse control.

Furthermore, even when you’re sober, laughter is contagious. This explains why you get the most giggles when you smoke cannabis with a friend. Add a substance that interferes with your laugh reflex to the mix, and everything gets a lot funnier.

The more potent (THC level) a product is, the more likely it will make you laugh. Higher THC means more binding to your endocannabinoid receptors, more neurochemicals being released, and more intense responses, just like turning up the volume on your car or home sound system.

Finding the Best Weed Strains

Now that we’ve covered the science, it’s time to learn how to choose the perfect marijuana strains for each situation. This is a difficult question to answer. The truth is that various factors and conditions determine the best strain.

For example, Sativa strains are ideal for those who want to feel more comfortable while socializing (check out our Sativa products if you’re also a part of this group.) On the other hand, Indica strains are the best if you wish to melt into the couch and enjoy a peaceful evening.

To find your ideal strain, ask yourself the following questions and limit your search:

  1. Is this a movie I’ve seen before, or is it my first time watching it?
  2. Is it something I’d like to watch alone or with friends?
  3. When do I want to watch it: during the day or later in the evening?
  4. What effect do I want to experience: vigor or relaxation?

Numerous strains are suitable for viewing movies. You can go for an energetic strain, a laugh-inducing machine, a creative and concentrated strain, etc. Despite the number of potential effects and qualities, a few popular strains users recommend smoking before watching a funny show.

8 Best Cannabis Strains That’ll Make You Laugh

Having found your weed preferences, we will present our 8 “marijuana comedians.”

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is known for causing fits of laughter, ideal for both large gatherings and chill weekends. Before watching a funny show, light up this Sativa-dominant strain to put yourself in a good mood. It’ll increase your sociability, chattiness, and willingness to meet new people, and, most importantly, it’ll make you laugh.

It’s as if Sour Diesel places a new lens over your eyes, making everything brighter, more enjoyable, and hilarious. This long-lasting high gradually fades into a chilled body stone (due to its 30% Indica genetics).

Crossbreeding parent strains Original Diesel, Northern Lights, Shiva, and Hawaiian resulted in this nice vibey strain. Pleasant herbal and acidic flavors accompany this giddy high.

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel is worth a try if you want a warm body high, with soothing effects that leave you feeling physically relaxed and emotionally uplifted. Because of its intense physical effects, this cheerful strain is suitable for combating anxiety and depression. (Also read 16 Best Strains for Depression.)

This herb will not disrupt your day despite its effectiveness, making it perfect for an afternoon session!

Blue Diesel is an excellent strain, and through the years, it has earned a reputation for being a great social smoke. This fruity hybrid of Blueberry and NYC Diesel is a formidable opponent. Its THC level of up to 23% is guaranteed to make you and your buddies laugh aloud.

Blue Diesel is the best strain for letting go of your worries and blowing off some steam. It has robust fruity flavors and sour flowery overtones, just as you’d expect. It’s a delightful smoke you and your buddies will come back to again.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sweet-tasting, candy-like hybrid cannabis strain with a Sativa bent. Blue Dream was developed by crossing Blueberry and Haze to create a wonderfully balanced daughter strain. Blue Dream is a potent strain with 18 percent THC and a small level of CBD, making it suitable for both newbie and seasoned cannabis users.

You get the finest of both Indica and Sativa with Blue Dream and will surely have a great laugh with your friends. Blue Dream users reported wonderful blueberry and sugar flavors and greater motivation and focused when vaping or smoking this strain.

Pineapple Kush

You’re getting snacks, preparing the drinks, and picking the right film or show for a fun movie night. The next natural step is for you and your friends to go out and get some food. However, before you do so, it’s a good idea to smoke the right strain for a serious case of the munchies before watching movies.

Pineapple Kush is the ideal strain for the task. This strain has distinct flavors of tropical fruits, sweets, and sugar that pique the appetite, as well as strong THC levels and an indica-dominant high that induces intense hunger.

These hunger-inducing characteristics come from Pineapple plus OG Kush parent strains.

Blue Cheese

Unlike alcohol, a full day of smoking pot will not leave you with a hangover. You should expect to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day after your movie night. You’ll get to see this for yourself if you plan on lighting up a strain like Blue Cheese shortly before sleep to round off the festivities.

This deeply stoning strain delivers THC levels of 19% and a physical body high that relieves stress and puts an end to ruminating thoughts. Smoking these flowers will let you relax with your friends while reflecting on the day’s events.

Weed producers have developed this well-balanced strain from its parent strains, specifically Original Cheese and Oregon Blueberry Blend. This Indica-dominant hybrid has a genetic makeup of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica.

White Widow

White Widow is a famous Sativa-dominant hybrid noted for its euphoric and energizing qualities. Green House Seeds developed it in the Netherlands by crossing a South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Amazonian strain.

If you like smoking weed during the day, you’ll love white widow for its great daytime use. White Widow will make you feel ecstatic, cheerful, creative, uplifted, and energetic before watching movies. White Widow has a piney, earthy flavor and is utilized to treat melancholy, stress, chronic pain, and anxiety.

White Widow is prized for its high trichome count, ideal for hash manufacturing. This strain contains 20% (on average) THC content, with some phenotypes exceeding that number.

Mango Kush

Mango Kush is a clone-only Hindu x Afghan hybrid that was crossed with an unknown genotype of OG Kush to produce Mango Kush. Thanks to its high THC content, it gets its name from the distinct mango aroma and flavor it emits and the giggles it induces.

Mango Kush is an excellent choice for hanging out with friends or going on vacation because it’s great for social occasions or just unwinding at the end of the day.

In case you didn’t know, the OG Kush cannabis strain is pretty famous in the United States due to its high THC content. The strain is considered an “outlaw” in California, growing wild in several areas. Its myrcene, a potent sedative and muscle relaxant that soothes pain, is one component that distinguishes OG Kush from other strains.

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is the ideal reefer for a relaxed night since it produces a euphoric high. Girl Scout Cookies combine OG Kush and Durban Poison, completely relaxing the body and putting you in the right mood for a movie night.

Girl Scout Cookies are among the most popular cannabis strains you can pair with a funny movie. With lush green sugar leaves and purple threads highlighted with orange ganja hairs, GSC is visually appealing too. Girl Scout Cookies are also an excellent wake-and-bake weed, bringing peaceful energy into your morning, enabling you to relax and enjoy your day.

Final Thoughts

There’s a long list of strains you can choose from before watching a comedy. For instance, if you’re watching something as “hilarious” as one of Adam Sandler’s most recent films, some of these marijuana strains will make you and your pals laugh throughout the movie.

Finding the proper cannabinoid profile is essential if you wish to get the most out of viewing a movie while baked. Hence, we’ve put together the best strains in this blog to help you identify the most suitable strain for watching movies and getting the most out of your psychoactive cinematic experience.