A Beginners Guide: Best Things to Do on Shrooms


Many national jurisdictions are softening their long-held opinions and regulations on psychotropic drugs like magic mushrooms. This is not surprising, considering the rapidly growing number of magic psychedelic enthusiasts. 

Moreover, psilocybin-assisted care has been approved for specific disorders and some patients in Canada. Similarly, the number of shroom retreat events and magic mushroom internet retailers are multiplying in Canada. 

It’s also becoming more apparent that diverse shroom strains like blue meanies, champignon magique & penis envy mushrooms have distinct advantages. These recent innovations have made internet inquiries like “things to do on mushrooms” among the commonly requested topics.

For a magical mushroom experience as rewarding as possible, this article outlines the best safe and worthwhile activities you can undertake on mushrooms, plus a few tips to help you ride your trip smoothly.

How To Recognize Shrooms

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms appear like dried regular mushrooms with long, thin stems. They have whitish-gray and dark brown heads and light brown or white cores. The hue of dried mushrooms is rusty, reddish-brown, with a few spots of off-white.

Consuming magic mushrooms is possible in several ways. You can smoke them by combining them with tobacco or other safe stimulants. The naturally occurring psychedelic substance found in liberty caps (psilocybin) is also accessible in liquid form. It comes in a little vial and is clear brown.

7 Things To Do On Shrooms

Shroom trips benefit from providing a platform for various other activities. In contrast to many other substances, magic mushroom users remain active when under the influence of the shroom’s effects. As a result, users can explore many safe and valuable activities, making the psychedelic experience even more rewarding. Some fun mushroom activities include the following.

1- Meditation & Mindfulness Practices While On Magic Mushrooms

Combining mindfulness activities like meditation and holotropic breathwork with mushrooms might be a perfect pastime. A psilocybin mushroom treatment and mindfulness provide a more extensive effect than a normal practice.

Holotropic Breathwork is a breathing technique that has been compared to a psychedelic trip in terms of its goal of bringing about a state of heightened awareness and enlightenment.

Mysterious experiences affect your default mode network (DMN) during a shroom trip. After macro dosing, taking deep breaths will assist your brain in relaxing and keeping you calmer. Purposeful and focused breathing can continuously improve a pleasurable time, regardless of the journey.

2- Watching Movies While On Magic Mushrooms

Cinematherapy is the therapeutic use of films intended for a large screen or television. The right movie can aid in the improvement of your whole experience with mushrooms. 

When paired with a shroom trip, the effects of movies are amplified and last longer. Watching a movie on golden teachers, penis envy, and other critters are frequently cited as a top activity. Watch a movie on shrooms to expand your understanding of the film and create lasting memories you can treasure for years.

Psychedelics have had a significant impact on the film industry. Many films are best known for transporting their audience to a surreal, psychedelic world. It’s not uncommon for filmmakers to reference the impact that psychedelic experiences have had on their work and lives.

If you intend to be on a mushroom trip to see a movie, you’ll want to pick your mushrooms just as carefully as you do your film. Several excellent films are regarded as appropriate for a mushroom trip. If you’re curious about learning more about mushrooms, Netflix’s Fantastic Fungi is a great place to start. One of the best hallucinogenic films is The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky.

3- Listening To Music While On Magic Mushrooms

Music and psychedelics have always had a special bond. While on a psychedelic trip, listening to music complements most magic mushroom rituals and professional therapeutic psilocybin mushrooms sessions.

Various ancient indigenous people perform their psychedelic-influenced rituals using music. While sitting around the campfire, they play different musical instruments, sing, and dance. Likewise, shroom trips can be improved if the right music is added to the equation today. 

Good, soul-lifting, comforting music enhances the mushroom trip and helps you remain calm for 3-6 hours. Feel free to sing along if the mood strikes you.

Researchers examined how music played during sessions aided magic mushroom’s influence and the psychological reactions of participants. Their research found that those who include music in their sessions are later more successful in controlling their trip.

The combo enhances the shroom experience and improves your overall “fun.” It doesn’t matter what kind of shroom you’re tripping on; music has the same impact regardless of what you’re ingesting. 

Although the optimal psychedelic music genre varies from person to person, many individuals like to listen to a soothing melody while taking psilocybin. Conversely, some prefer to listen to loud, rough, and psychedelia music, especially during rituals.

However, none of these should be used as a standard by which everyone is judged. The optimal thing to do is to figure out what sort of music you want to listen to in advance and create a playlist to be played when you’re relaxing.

4- Participating In Rituals & Ceremonies While On Magic Mushrooms

Rituals enhance the psychedelic experience. Magic mushroom ceremonies, also called rituals or retreats, are held in a sacred space with a small group of people. Participants freely partake in magic mushroom consumption (golden teacher, blue meanies, penis envy, etc.) 

The event’s organizers are generally shamans and medical professionals with high levels of expertise. They’re able to lead you on a trip toward an altered level of consciousness, healing from harsh memories and learning more about various psychological problems. 

These retreats can aid in the complete restoration of one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.

One consumes magic mushrooms and engages in various mindfulness and physical exercises to maximize the effects of mushrooms. Some of the activities we mentioned above, like meditation, yoga, and listening to music, are combined in magic mushroom ritual activities.

There are typically three to eight days of soul-lifting activities in the retreat. Taking part in these ceremonies on mushrooms is indeed a transformative experience. It’s a great way to get back in touch with nature while also letting go of mental chains that have bound you for extended periods.

5-Having Sex While On Magic Mushrooms

Sex is one of the most enjoyable human activities. Pleasure, engagement, and purpose are the three main behavioral orientations for improving people’s well-being. The pursuit of sexual pleasure takes precedence over everything else in these three orientations, including hobbies, alcohol consumption, and volunteer work. 

But to increase their sexual enjoyment, people participate in various actions, including psilocybin use. The sensations are amplified tenfold when performed under the enormous influence of mushrooms. 

Simply put, sex is intensified on psychedelics. Psilocybin effects increase pleasure and give you a greater sense of being present and connected to your partner than you usually get from sexual activities. 

During a sexual encounter using mushrooms, some users report experiencing enhanced visual and aural perceptions. For example, you’ll have a new perspective on your relationship with your partner and everything else in your life. 

Imagine seeing your partner’s sweat bead, the brighter light on them, and every lovely micro-expression they make. You both feel more in harmony with nature as your breathing and touch become louder and more enjoyable. That’s what sex on mushrooms feels like. 

If you’re on a magic mushroom trip, you’ll notice and appreciate all the little fun things that go unnoticed. It’s possible to fill the room with the sound of your favourite music by having sex while high on shrooms. 

Every instrument, note, and sound is now more discernible. Taking a breather between rounds is also a unique and memorable part of the game. Looking for the ideal strain to test your sexual prowess with? Your best bet would be blue champignon magique and penis envy mushrooms. 

Sigmund Freud’s idea of penis envy is controversial, but you might uncover its reasoning if you take penis envy mushrooms during a psychedelic trip.

6- Writing A Journal While On Magic Mushrooms

Remember, preparation is necessary when it comes to the magic mushroom high. You’ll view life and the things you’ve taken for granted in a new light. To ensure you don’t forget anything, write down your thoughts as soon as they come to mind. You can also use a smartphone or computer. 

The findings might have a long-term impact on your life. You must retain all the memories of your discoveries and life-changing insights while on a trip. The days after your mushroom excursion are crucial for reintegration and self-reflection, so take advantage of this time.

7-Taking A Bath

You can do a lot on shrooms, but it might be overwhelming sometimes. You may feel your muscles cramp up from whirling and vibrant colors. But, if you can fill a warm tub, you can find a quick fix right in your bathroom. 

Floating in a bath on mushrooms seems like returning to the womb, to all the serenity and support we received before we had to bear our weight. Adding Epsom salts, candles, and mood-enhancing essential oils like tangerine and lavender to your bath is a great way to lift your spirits.

A Few Tips Before Mushroom Trip

Note on Meditation & Breathing Practices 

Breathwork that uses holotropic inhalation can help awaken the mind and spirit. It involves going all the way down to your lungs. Consequently, it might move more quickly than a person typically breathes. Nevertheless, researchers discovered that the approach created emotional and spiritual experiences in 82% of those surveyed.

Notably, holotropic breathwork requires specific techniques and should only be performed under the guidance of a specialist with relevant knowledge. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, it’s recommended to utilize any breathing technique you’re comfortable with to avoid placing your body under unnecessary stress.

It’s also good to include meditation in your magic mushroom experience. You can reduce stress and anxiety through meditation. It’s a potent and established approach to transforming human consciousness.

Psilocybin mushrooms and meditation were studied by researchers in 2017 to understand the advantages of the combination better. The study found that psilocybin and meditation had a favorable long-term impact on a broad set of parameters.

Forgiveness and appreciation for life’s meaning and purpose are the lasting benefits folks have experienced. A heightened sense of faith, the ability to cope with everyday experiences, and the evaluation of participation by members of the community are additional profound advantages. 

The study’s findings support previous results attesting that psilocybin-induced spiritual experiences and levels of spiritual practice were crucial drivers of the benefits.

Remember to Let It Go

You’ll receive the maximum pleasure out of the abovementioned activities if you allow the profound spirit of mushrooms to take control of your thoughts and actions. The impulse to fight the sensations and the recommendations may arise when the effects begin to take hold. 

You should reject the temptation to resist, but instead, give yourself to the spirit’s guidance and let it all out. If you’re in the mood for singing, embracing someone, laughing openly, or dancing, go ahead and do it. Just let go and allow the shrooms to take over your body and mind.

If you’re tripping with others, take advantage of heart-to-heart with others experiencing the same thing as you.

You may also want to sketch down your thoughts and feelings. Have crayons, markers, coloring art books, and other helpful materials. Make unique sketches or paintings on a shroom macro dosing session by unleashing your inner artist. 

It’s possible to use the renowned psychedelic coloring art book for stoners in this situation. Make do with whatever coloring supplies you can find if you can’t get your hands on one.

Setting & Mental State Matter

A psychedelic trip’s “setting” refers to your mental, emotional, and physical state during the experience. Like other hallucinogens, magic mushrooms depend heavily on your mental state. Don’t simply look for things to do, but also concentrate on your mental health before your trip. 

To reap the immediate and long-term advantages of a magic mushroom trip, you need to approach it with open-minded and pragmatic expectations. Being in an unfamiliar place or with the wrong group of people can ruin the whole experience. 

So when setting up your next trip, keep the following in mind:

  1. You should only take shrooms if you’re in a stable mental and physical condition. Before a psychedelic retreat or treatment, each participant’s mental status must be certified by a medical specialist present at the clinic or retreat. 
  2. There are situations when participants who aren’t in the right frame of mind might be rescheduled for a later date, or they’ll end up experiencing “a bad trip.”
  3. It’s recommended to postpone or cancel any arrangements for the rest of the day while tripping. 
  4. Preferably, you should trip with at least one trustworthy companion, professional, experienced user or a sober trip sitter who can help if things go wrong.
  5. Make sure you pick a peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable environment to which you have exclusive access. That is if you want to have “a good trip.”
  6. Get to know your magic fungi strains better. Taking a magic mushroom, you’re familiar with, is the best way to get the most out of the experience. For example, the golden teacher and blue Meanie are some of the most popular strains among shroomers. But if you’re just getting started, it’s good to ask around for advice from those who’ve been there and done that.

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms For The Best Psychedelic Trip

There are several ways mushrooms can be utilized for healing and restoration, but they can also be harmful. In other words, even if magic mushrooms are great, they can be harmful if misused. Therefore, always purchase your psychedelic mushrooms from a reputable supplier. 

If you don’t know how to identify the mushrooms you find in the wild, it’s not a good idea to harvest them yourself.

Do your homework and only purchase products from well-known sources and suppliers, whether you’re a micro or macro consumer. Reputable internet dispensaries can easily be found with a simple Google search. However, even though it’s easy and convenient, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of double-checking your source before shopping. 

When shopping for shrooms online, it’s essential to ask the correct questions about what sorts of strains are available and how and where they’re sourced. 

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