Are Moon Rocks Legal?


If you’ve heard about moon rocks or seen them online, you probably have many burning questions about them. Compared to the weed smoked in the 1970s, today’s bud is much more potent and controlled. In addition, there is an array of wax, rosin, shatter, and wax. So if you’re curious about the Moon Rocks popping up in Canada, here are answers to some of the questions you might be asking.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rock weed is a dense, traditional marijuana bud sprayed or dipped into hash oil and rolled or coated with kief. It results in a hard, shell-like layer on the outside, with an oily interior, sort of like Oreos soaked in a chocolate shell. Moon rocks are artificial forms of weed from the serious cannabis flower. They are a more successful way of making cannabis flavourful and stronger.

Although Moon Rocks are very strong, they are 100% legal in Canada. Unlike heroin and cocaine that are illicit drugs, Moon Rocks don’t fall into that category. They are made from cannabis, and you can make them legally at home. You can buy Moon Rocks legally online from stores and medical dispensaries if you’re of legal age. Alternatively, you can make them at home with the right recipe and quality products for a premium THC experience.

What do Moon Rocks Contain?

Moon rock weed has three components; kief, marijuana concentrates (hash oil), and cannabis buds. However, batches are produced differently depending on who makes them and the quality of products used. Therefore, there are endless options when it comes to the marijuana concentrates, and strain used to make moon rock weed. Traditionally, the strain used in making Moon Rocks was Girl Scout Cookies, but you can use that which you like best.

A Brief Moon Rocks Recipe

Making Moon Rocks is fun and straightforward. With a creative spirit and the right equipment, you can be well on your way to hitting unexpected highs.

  1. Get supplies: You will need buds, kief, ash oil, a working tray, chopsticks/tweezers, and a basting or pastry brush.
  2. Coat the buds with hash oil: Use tweezers to pick your buds and cover them with hash oil using your brush. Leave them to soak for about an hour and repeat the step one more time.
  3. Cover the nugs with kief: On your working tray, roll the nugs gently on the kief. Do this until the nugs have solid pollen layers and leave them for a few hours to dry. Note that the outer part of your buds needs to be sticky for the kief to adhere properly.

Is consuming Moon Rocks Beneficial?

Moon rock weed is great for recreational purposes as it can give you the high you want, unlike regular marijuana. However, it has medicinal benefits for patients and other individuals who need high doses of THC. These could be people experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Additionally, they’re a fun novelty that gives you a long-lasting high, great for starting conversations, and are cost-effective.

How do you Partake in Moon Rock Weed?

You can partake in Moon Rocks by smoking or consuming them as edibles. However, if you choose to take them as edibles, you must decarboxylate the Moon Rocks before infusing them.  Due to its fragility, smoking moon rock weed isn’t as easy as grinding it and rolling a joint. As moon rocks can get you very high, you must take care about smoking them. Remember you’re smoking strong kief and hash oil. Here are a few tips on how to smoke moon rock weed.

  • Don’t roll moon rock weed by itself- Moon Rocks don’t burn like regular joints due to their oily texture; it makes it difficult to light. Also, they don’t come cheap. For your Moon Rocks to keep a cherry when you light it, mix it in some flower.
  • Use a pipe or bong- Moon Rocks perform poorly as joints and might not burn the way you expect them to. Due to their oily and thick nature, Moon Rocks should be broken into pieces to acquire quality rips for your hash pipe or bong. To avoid cleaning your smoking tools many times, don’t overload them.
  • Use your bud scissors or fingers to break up your Moon Rocks- Using a grinder to bust Moon Rocks causes the hash oil and kief to fall off, meaning there’ll be no goodness left to enjoy. It also gums up the grinder making it difficult to clean.
  • Complete your tasks before smoking- Moon rocks aren’t the kind of weed that pumps you ready for action. Instead, they have you seated or zoned out for hours, even days. So if you have tasks you need to complete, say chores or work deadlines, do so before smoking. Otherwise, you’ll pass out and wake up feeling stressed about the time wasted.

Safety Tips when Partaking in Moon Rocks

Whether you’re partaking in moon rock weed for recreational purposes or to help with an illness, it’s essential to stay safe with the following tips.

  • Choose a serene environment- The high with Moon Rocks hits hard; if you’re going to smoke some, do so in a comfortable environment. Since you’re likely to be in stuck mode, your environment should allow you to sit and relax over conversation or by yourself.
  • Go slow- Moon Rocks will get you to Mars fast. So whether you’re smoking or taking them as edibles, start slow, and allow the high to increase gradually.
  • Eat prior- Moon rock weed can sometimes be extremely potent, making you nauseous; eating before smoking or consume it can prevent nausea. It will also prevent or keep the munchies down.
  • Stay hydrated- Once the high of your Moon Rocks hits, you will be locked on the couch. Failure to drink lots of water will have you feeling like Simba dehydrated in the desert after chasing Nala. To avoid getting the cottonmouth due to dehydration, keep a gallon of water next to you.

How to Purchase Moon Rock Weed

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on Moon Rocks in Canada, you can purchase them online from a credible online store or medical dispensary. After the legalization of cannabis in 2018, more recreational cannabis stores now sell Moon Rocks. To purchase moon rock weed online, find a credible store or dispensary, register and create a free account, and upload your national ID to prove that you’re at least 19 years old. Afterward, you can make payment for your Moon Rocks order.

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