Best Place to Buy Weed Vape Pens in Canada


More people are switching from the traditional form of smoking weed to vaping because it is arguably discreet, easy, and healthier. However, figuring out where to buy and how to vape for the first time can be complicated; both concentrates and flowers use various devices to vaporize. Canada being one of the nations that have legalized the use of cannabis, the popularity of using weed vape pens has risen.

Moonrock Canada recognizes the need and by the people to use weed vape pens for their convenience. If you’re travelling or want to enjoy your 4.20 discreetly, Moonrock Canada provides you with quality weed vape pens that you can dispose of or refill. 

What are Vape pens?

As their name suggests, Vape pens are called so due to their compact design that resembles a traditional pen. Weed vape pens are types of vaporizers made specifically to vaporize cannabis oils and distillates. The handheld and portable devices consist of batteries attached to the cartilage that’s filled with cannabis concentrates. The vape pen produces the vapour when you use it by heating the concentrate instead of burning it, like smoking a joint.

Advantages of Using Weed Vape Pens from Moonrock Canada

If you’re thinking of switching from smoking joints to vaping, here are some benefits vape pens like Elev8 vape from Moonrock Canada provide.

  • Convenience- Carrying several cartridges is much easier than carrying many kinds of flowers and swapping them. Their small size makes it convenient to transport and pre-fill them with concentrates and distillates.
  • Less harmful- Studies reveal that combust cannabis, the smoke you inhale, contains hundreds of toxins, some of which are cancerous. Since vape pens heat the cannabis to vaporize it instead of burning or heating it, you reduce exposure to these toxins.
  • Discreet- Although weed is legal in Canada, not many people want to be identified as smokers or attract attention to themselves. With vape pens, the smell of cannabis is less pungent and sometimes goes undetected, making them ideal for use in places where smoking is restricted.
  • Cleaner- Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t produce smoke, ash, or a mess; the only output is vapour. Additionally, the cartriges are disposable, meaning there isn’t a stick resin to clean.

Types of Weed Vape Pens

Moonrock Canada offers a variety of weed vape pens, both disposable and reusable. There are different types of weed vape pens, all from credible and popular brands. Some types of weed vape pens include:

  1. Dry herb vape pens: These vape pens heat the cannabis flower, and compared to other methods, they offer the most distinct flavour profiles. Dry herb vape pens are more convenient as they require less maintenance. They are an ideal choice if you’re a smoker who’s just switching to vaping.
  2. Dabs and concentrates: These are also known as wax pens. Dab pens are used to consume many forms of concentrates like rosin, wax, and shatter. With them, you place the cannabis concentrates on heating coils to melt and absorb into the wick, giving you smooth pulls.
  3. E-liquid/oils vape pens: These use refillable or pre-filled cartridges containing oils or e-juice. The vape juice has a mixture of water or alcohol, vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycol (PG), cannabinoids, and food grade.

What’s the Best Weed Vape Pen to Purchase from Moonrock Canada?

Elev8 vape pen is the first-ever THC distillate pen for recreational use to be on the market. It consists of natural flavouring and 94% THC distillate. Like other pens on the market, Elev8 vape has a crude extract suspended or watered with a distillate full of fillers because it is designed for e-juice, not concentrates.

The Elev8 vape pens are designed to suit the viscosity of Moonrock Canada’s THC distillate that gives you a potent effect and richer taste. You can enjoy various strain flavours with Elev8, such as skittles, Pina Colada, and Cotton Candy, to experience the recreational part of marijuana.

How to Buy Weed Vape Pens

When buying a vape pen, it is essential to determine what you want to use it for. Some can handle different substances like tobacco and cannabis, while others can only take one or the other. Other things you should consider when buying vape pens include:

  • Heating method- Weed vape pens have different heating methods, such as convection, conduction, and induction.
  • Battery life- Many vape pens are powered by Lithium-Ion in-built batteries. However, if you’re looking for one that will last many days, you have to find one with a more extensive body.
  • Functionality- Your vape pen of choice should be easy to use or have a high-functionality. Some are very simple to use, where you put your material, close, press the button, and pull. However, others have more attractive features and capabilities but may reduce their functionality, such as programmable pre-sets and temperature controls.
  • Design- Pay attention to the design in the same way you do for the functionality of a vape pen. Search for appealing ones, like the Elev8 vape pen, those with carbon fibre or stainless steel, and if you can up the cost, go for higher quality like Pyrex glass components and ceramic heating elements.
  • Budget- Everything in the list of considerations depends on the budget you’re working with. It can help you narrow down your list of options and land on a famous and high-quality brand like Elev8 vape pen.

Why Use  Elev8 Weed Vape Pens?

Using Elev8 vape pens is a healthier option than smoking, as the vaporization process occurs at lower temperatures. With smoking, the flame heats the flower to combustion leading to the release of harmful carcinogens and tar regardless of the absence of tobacco. Research proves that while there is a higher consumption of cannabis through vaporization, it reduces the negative respiratory systems in regular cannabis smokers.

Best Place to Buy Elev8 Vape in Canada

Elev8 vape is one of the most popular and licenced brands, and you can acquire it from credible online shops like Moonrock Canada. You can experience a secure process on their website, from making the order to your payment via safe transfer platforms to discreet packaging and shipping right to your doorstep.

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