CBD Shatter Effects & How To Consume It


Among all CBD products that exist today on the market, CBD concentrates are the most mysterious. High purity and CBD levels are some of the primary features of these concentrates. Isolates are among the more popular types of CBD products.

But, as we get to know more about different types of cannabinoids, the creative minds in the field are coming up with newer forms of high-CBD merchandise. CBD Shatter is the byproduct of this very process.

CBD Shatter is quite popular these days and can be consumed in various ways. Despite the benefits of this distinctly pure and potent product, many do not know what CBD Shatter is and how it works. Read on to learn about CBD Shatter’s effects and how to consume it.

CBD Shatter: What Is It

When it comes to purity levels in concentrated CBD products, Shatter is one of the top names on the list. It looks like a maple syrup chip, and it feels like candy by touch. That’s why it’s called Shatter because you can break it into several parts like glass. 

The consistency largely depends on the temperature. The chip or glass shape occurs when Shatter is left to cool down for a while. But, when heated, it turns into a waxy or honey-shaped substance. Hence, many also know it by the name “honey oil.” 

The label on CBD concentrates describes their colour and texture. Shatter has a transparent, glassy, orange surface. It is also an extremely potent product with a CBD content of more than 80%. Despite this potency, it is slightly bland compared to other products like wax. 

Butane is the critical player in making CBD Shatter (utilizing terpenes and trace cannabinoids). However, you cannot use Butane on your own because it’s a highly flammable solvent. Moreover, the fire hazard is not the only concern. 

Even if you’re careful, you still need to purify CBD Shatter from the solvent before consumption thoroughly. It’s not so easy to work with CBD in its solid form. But, once melted in a dab rig, you’ll feel high CBD levels flowing in within several minutes. 

THC Shatter vs. CBD Shatter: The Difference

Since CBD Shatter is derived from the hemp plant, it only comprises cannabidiol and a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%). Unlike marijuana, hemp is naturally a higher-CBD plant. On the other hand, THC shatter contains significant levels of THC.

Therefore, their cannabinoid profile is the primary difference between the two. While both have high levels of a cannabinoid, you won’t get high by consuming CBD Shatter.

CBD Shatter vs. CBD Wax: The Difference

Another source of confusion for many CBD lovers is the difference between CBD Shatter and CBD wax. Despite what you may think, the answer to this mystery is not that complicated. Both products undergo the same journey in terms of extraction and filtration, but CBD Shatter requires more maintenance.

CBD Shatter must not be exposed to light or heat changes and must be protected against physical disturbance during the setting stage. These intrusions can make the transparent surface opaque by forming crystals. Then, with a shift in texture, you’ll have CBD wax instead of CBD Shatter.

Despite the apparent difference in appearance and texture, these two products don’t differ that much in purity and potency. Since CBD Shatter goes through the setting stage with minimum disturbance, it’ll have a slightly higher purity level than CBD wax.

Which is better? It depends on what you want. If you’re not sure, consult with your doctor to see which is more suited to your needs.

Benefits of CBD Shatter

One of the main reasons for CBD Shatter’s popularity is that, like CBD oils, it has a high CBD content, and it’s also more potent than many of its counterparts.

Taking CBD, in general, is known to affect serotonin receptors, reduce anxiety, mitigate depression, and even help with insomnia. That’s one of the primary reasons many recommend products like Quadz Shatter – 1G as an alternative to alleviate pain and anxiety. 

Compared to CBD isolate, CBD Shatter offers more benefits because of its additional compounds. The natural combination of terpenes and other cannabinoids creates the so-called entourage effect. 

All in all, the following are some of the benefits and advantages of CBD Shatter:

Anti Inflammatory

You’ve undoubtedly experienced the pain of inflammatory conditions that disrupt your daily life. It’s already a fact that CBD can trigger specific receptors in the body that decrease inflammation and inhibit the production of cells that aggravate inflammation.

In reality, CBD has become such a key element in reducing inflammation that many consider it the preeminent practical solution for severe conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Reducing Anxiety

In today’s busy world, anxiety is more rampant than ever. People out there know how anxiety can indeed be debilitating and crippling. It can inhibit you from simple routine activities during the day. As stated previously, CBD Shatter boosts serotonin and reduces cortisol levels in the body.

Serotonin and cortisol are the mood improver and stress-reducer hormones, respectively. CBD is an effective solution for people, especially teenagers, that deal with social anxiety.

Better Sleep

Sleep disorders are the primary reasons for low productivity. Fatigue, inefficient cognitive functioning, and even abnormal breathing rhythms are only a few of the consequences of sleep disorders.

CBD has proven to be an impressive solution for boosting sleep and even improving conditions like excessive sleepiness during daytime and sleep behaviour disorder. Of course, just like any other solution, the exact benefits depend on your body and condition.

Speedy Onset

As stated previously, the effects of inhaling CBD will quickly onset. Whether you use a dab rig or a vaporizer, the active compounds in CBD Shatter will enter your bloodstream through the lungs.

Vaping doesn’t expose you to the first-passer effect because it won’t go through the liver and the digestive system. It’ll directly ride the bloodstream into the endocannabinoid system.

Simple Dosage

Since CBD Shatter is among the more concentrated products out there, all you need is a scoop to place in your vaporizer or dab rig. After that, you can heat and inhale it. Due to the high levels of CBD in Shatter, it’s recommended to consume it moderately unless you have a high CBD tolerance.

Easy Usage

In addition to decreasing stress and anxiety, CBD Shatter can help you maintain focus and have the needed energy for a productive day. Hence, it’s perfect for morning consumption.

You can also use CBD Shatter in the afternoon or the evening because it will relax you after a hard day’s work and improve your sleep quality. Ensure not to take too much in the morning because excessive amounts of CBD can make you a bit drowsy.

Higher Bioavailability

Consuming CBD shatter requires you to inhale the matter through a vaporizer or a dab rig. That is the most bioavailable method to consume CBD. What does bioavailability mean? Bioavailability is a percentage-based measure revealing the amount of CBD that finds its way into your bloodstream.

The higher the bioavailability, the stronger the effects of CBD Shatter. Vaporization is number one in this ranking with up to 56% bioavailability.

How To Consume CBD Shatter

You can use CBD Shatter in various ways. You can utilize a vaporizer, a dab rig, or even add it to food and liquids. Some use CBD Shatter in their food by mixing it with butter. That’s not an ideal method because it can make CBD less effective. If you want to cook, it’s better to use a powder or a tincture form.


CBD dabbing is probably the most effective way to consume Shatter. It is called CBD smoking because it is vaporized and inhaled. It would be best if you had the right equipment to get started.

The first thing to acquire is a dab rig. It would be best if you had the rig to heat the nail safely and enjoy the experience. You should add a little isolate to the nail to make the vapour. If you want to go one step further, you can buy the tools to remove Shatter from the tub. The tub usually comes with CBD Shatter.  

Just remember to add a small amount because CBD Shatter is exceptionally potent. It’ll vaporize quickly and turn into a cloud for you to inhale. It would be best to be vigilant during the process because it gets really hot.

Monitoring Dosage

To carefully monitor dosage, it’s wiser to buy a top-rated kitchen scale and break down CBD shatter into small dosages. That’ll help you find out the sweet dosage that gives you the results you want. It’s better to divide CBD Shatter into 10 mg dosages as it’s a safe starting point to determine how your body responds.

A straightforward way to get the maximum benefits without consuming high dosages is to buy high-quality CBD Shatter. Getting top-rated, lab-tested products like Crash Laboratories Shatter will provide you with a sweet buzz without jeopardizing your safety. Not only is the cheap, untested CBD ineffective, but it may also expose you to dangerous health risks. 

Is It Legal

Like all products sourced from the hemp plant, CBD Shatter is legal in Canada, provided it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. The House of Commons ratified the Cannabis Legalization Bill back in 2018. In 2019, PM Justin Trudeau changed the bill and legalized other forms of CBD, including CBD Shatter.

Bottom Line

CBD shatter is one of the purest and most potent concentrates out there, and it’s an excellent hemp product for experienced consumers. While it requires more maintenance than CBD wax, it’ll take effect faster than its other counterparts. 

In addition, using Shatter via a vaporizer or a dab rig will inject significant amounts of CBD into your bloodstream since it boasts a high level of bioavailability. Fortunately, it’s completely legal to buy CBD shatter in Canada, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any harmful versions of the product out there. It would be best if you were careful where you buy CBD Shatter. 

In most cases, it’s advisable to purchase high-quality CBD Shatter from a reliable online store with top-rated products tested and approved by third-party labs. Not only is it safer, but it will provide you with a sweet buzz without putting you in danger. 

At Moonrock Canada, we provide you with exactly that to create an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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