Interesting CBD Products Available Across Canada


The Canadian CBD market is huge. Not only are there enough products to satisfy everyone’s taste, but the sheer variety means Canadians can try different ways to consume cannabidiol. With all that said, some products are more popular than others. And many products are growing in popularity by the day.

That is why we’re here giving you an article on the 5 CBD products growing in popularity across Canada. Considering that some products are better for treating some conditions, we’re certain that you’ll find what you’re looking for in this article.

So with all that out of the way, let’s get to it.

CBD Gummies

Many Canadians are aware that cannabidiol is highly beneficial and can treat a wide range of conditions. But what happens when you give shoppers a product that is both fun and allows them to experience the effects of cannabidiol? You get a very popular product.

Gummies are by far one of the fastest-growing in popularity products in Canada. They essentially fall under the edibles category. This means that Canadians are meant to orally consume them. The thing that everyone should know about gummies is that they act very slow.

It can take up to two hours to start experiencing the effects of cannabidiol when eating gummies. But considering that CBD can stay up to six hours in our system, many experts believe that edibles such as gummies last the longest.

So by sacrificing one thing, Canadians are making it possible to experience the effects of CBD for much longer. But is that the true pulling power of gummies? The thing that makes gummies so popular is the fact that they come in all kinds of flavors.

Not everyone is a fan of the earthy taste of cannabidiol, so one way to replace the earthy taste is to take gummies. You can find CBD gummies in many tropical flavors such as watermelon, banana, mango, etc. These products are very convenient, and all Canadians have to do is simply take a few.

Another reason why they’re so popular is that you can easily dose them. Each gummy packaging clearly states how much cannabidiol each piece contains. This makes dosing easy and seamless.

CBD Bath Bombs

Our next product, CBD bath bombs in Canada is soaring in popularity as they give users something else entirely. With bath bombs, Canadians can enhance their CBD experience by throwing themselves a nice cannabidiol bath. Many who are hesitant to ingest CBD are starting their CBD journey with bath bombs.

Many of you are aware of what bath bombs are. But did you know that many brands infuse bath bombs with cannabidiol? The reasons for doing that are quite logical. Bath bombs are the perfect way to rest and relax. Considering that cannabidiol does an excellent job doing that, what better way to create the perfect therapeutic experience than with CBD bath bombs?

CBD Cigarettes

If gummies take up to two hours to affect us, CBD cigarettes take up to two minutes. Inhaling cannabidiol is proven to be the most effective way to take it. We can inhale by vaping or by smoking CBD cigarettes. And while Canada knows all about CBD vapes, not everyone is familiar with CBD cigarettes.

So what makes them so popular? Well, we all know the hassle of having to roll CBD buds. And while we can very easily buy CBD pre-rolls, they can cost a lot more than a pack of CBD cigarettes. The main difference between both these products is that CBD cigarettes contain less CBD.

This makes them easier to dose, meaning you don’t need to leave a burned pre-roll for later. Much like gummies, CBD cigarettes also tell you how much cannabidiol each cigarette contains.

CBD cigarettes also resemble normal tobacco cigarettes. The only difference is that CBD cigarettes contain cannabidiol. You might think it’s the same thing, but CBD cigarettes do not contain any tobacco. This means there is no nicotine involved and makes CBD cigarettes quite safe. CBD on its own is safe, but the familiar consumption method and the benefits smokers get from cannabidiol make these products very popular.


The name might confuse some of you, but do know that CBD gel refers to capsules containing CBD oil. While some of you might’ve heard CBD gel as capsules, do know that it is a very popular product on the Canadian market. More so, CBD gel capsules constantly grow in popularity as they offer Canadians a seamless consumption method.

It’s safe to say that not everyone is into cannabidiol in Canada. When that’s the case, we have to give people ways to take cannabidiol without needing to add it sublingually, smoke it, or eat it in the form of edibles. The perfect solution for them is CBD gel capsules.

The reason why that’s the case is that CBD gel capsules are very convenient. All Canadians have to do is simply swallow a capsule with a glass of water. No doubt 99% of Canadians have taken capsules before in their lives. So this product offers users a very familiar consumption method.

Since this product is indeed oil in a capsule, users have the chance of taking full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and pure CBD oil gel. This makes the product very versatile.

CBD Creams

The last product on our list that keeps growing in popularity is CBD cream. Much like CBD gel, creams offer Canadians a far more convenient consumption method than other products. Users are getting the same benefits with creams as they would with any other product.

The difference is that creams are meant to be applied to the skin. Much like gels, you don’t have to inhale, orally consume, or add under the tongue cannabidiol. Since CBD creams fall under the “topicals” category of CBD products, you’re meant to apply the product to the skin.

This makes the product very fast-acting as our skin excellently absorbs cannabidiol. Similar to creams, Canadians can also buy lotions, salves, lip balms, bath bombs, and more.

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