Moonrock Canada is The First Premier Canadian Cannabis Company to Release an NFT


Did you know that cannabis is one of the oldest crops that humankind grew, at least 12,000 years ago? After thousands of years, another innovation in the cannabis industry will be witnessed. Moonrock Canada is now entering the crypto industry by releasing an NFT collection! 

Moonrock Canada is the first premier Canadian cannabis company to enter the Metaverse with cannabis culture. This move was made possible thanks to the company’s partnership with Moonrock NFT. Take a look at all the key details you need to know about this exciting new venture.

Cannabis and NFT

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital assets on blockchain with unique identification codes that distinguish them from other NFTs. These digital assets are different from cryptocurrencies because, unlike the latter, NFTs can be traced back to their source of ownership. 

A clear explanation is to look at how you treat a concert ticket. The concert ticket is an NFT that has your name, date and name of the event printed on it. Thus, you have sole ownership of the ticket, and it can be traced back to you. On the other hand, Cryptocurrency can be the currency that you use to buy that concert ticket. In other words, NFTs are goods, and Cryptocurrency is a medium for commercial transactions.

NFTs can be produced in any form, whether a piece of music, a video or even a tweet. The most common form of NFT nowadays is in the form of digital art. Crypto enthusiasts can find a plethora of NFT collections on the marketplace. Various things often inspire such digital assets, and cannabis is also one of them.

Last March 2022, Crypto Cannabis Club surprised the weed industry by becoming the first NFT collection and Metaverse community for cannabis and crypto enthusiasts. The first NFT-powered brand launched a 10,000 NFT collection called NFTokers that provides membership benefits for the holders.

According to the Crypto Cannabis Club CEO, Ryan Hunter, it is not surprising that those who enjoy crypto, gaming, and digital art are also cannabis users. 60% of their community members buy cannabis monthly, and the remaining 40% purchase weed weekly. He said that this kind of authentic community ensures that its members have a family.

Being the first company that created cannabis NFT with great success, Crypto Cannabis Club has also inspired many other companies in the same industry to do the same. Moonrock Canada stepped in to become the first Canadian cannabis brand to release its NFT collection, Moonrock NFT.

What is Moonrock NFT?

The Moonrock (MRC) NFT consists of 4,200 Extraterrestrial NFTs to spread Moonrock and Elevated Consciousness around the Metaverse. This NFT launch is the beginning of the many NFT sales that Moonrock Canada is planning to do yearly. Check out the story of the Moonrock NFT below:

Moonrock NFT storyline

Moonrock NFTs are a collection of unique Extraterrestrial characters wandering within unexplored worlds and civilizations. Each ETs holds a noble idea that the greater good exists everywhere. They will embark on a journey full of adventure and mysteries within the universe.

Moonrock NFT and consciousness

We often use what neuroscientists call “lower consciousness,” where survival and success are our only concerns. However, when there are no threats or demands and our bodies are comfortable, the higher mind becomes accessible. In this case, we can loosen our hold on our egos and have a more universal and less biased perspective.

With Moonrock NFT, we can pursue this higher consciousness using cutting-edge technologies. Community retreats, seminars, webinars and resource expansions will be offered to the members with PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Moonrock NFT will allocate 15% of its mint funds to an Investment Bot and withdraw the profits every 30 days. The gained profits will be donated to Stone Circle Wellness Charities, dedicated to Mental Wellness and the Elevation of Consciousness.

In addition to that, Moonrock NFT will also give away approximately a dozen trips to the popular Ayahuasca plant medicine resort in Costa Rica.

Moonrock NFT Roadmap 

The Moonrock NFT is set to launch this April 20, 2022. Its live mint event in Vancouver will have limited slots. So, join Moonrock NFT’s Discord channel and DM any of its staff members to participate in the minting event. 

420 Genesis Moonrock NFTs are ready to be minted on its launch. These Genesis NFTs will have extra perks and promotions. More releases are planned for the third quarter this year.

Moonrock mint bonuses

Those who will be able to mint one or more of the 420 Genesis Moonrock NFTs will enjoy free Moonrock Canada 8 infused preroll “Lunar Bundle” valued at $280. Genesis Moonrock NFT holders outside Canada will receive hats, hoodies and some extra goodies!

Genesis Moonrock holders also can get rare and exclusive NFTs with hidden utilities. In addition to that, they will also be able to get a 33% discount on any Moonrock Canada Produce, including merchandise on its website. Guided online meditation webinars and elevation consciousness partnerships are also available.

On the other hand, those who purchase the next 1,000 Moonrock NFTs will enjoy a 30% discount on cannabis products and merchandise available on Moonrock Canada’s website. T-shirts for male holders and crop tops or hats for females will also be given away.

Additional bonuses for the remaining minutes will still be given, such as free T-shirts, hats and a 20% discount on Moonrock Canada products and merchandise. Soon, Moonrock Canada will also partner with Metaverse cannabis clubs and other mental wellness outlets worldwide. 

Why should you get Moonrock Canada’s NFT?

Moonrock Canada is a nationally established cannabis brand in Canada, so holding one of its limited-edited NFTs is like holding an exclusive rookie card. 

In addition to that, parts of the generated sales from Moonrock NFTs will go to a crypto-funded charity focusing on holistic practices and mindfulness teachings and devices. Thus, getting Moonrock NFTs will help those with anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Future staking of the Moonrock NFT will be made possible by owning both Moonrock Coin ($ROCK) and its NFTs. More rewards will be announced and added to Moonrock NFT holders. Group events, competitions and giveaways will be held on the Moonrock NFT’s Discord channel and other social media platforms.

Aside from that, consciousness seminars and meditation zones are also provided 24/7 within Moonrock Canada’s Discord channel. Owning the first cannabis NFT in history will allow people to heal and repair their mind’s hardware!

Moonrock Canada has some of the most premium products in the industry. So, it’s no wonder that it can also offer premium cannabis NFT in the Metaverse. Moonrock NFT holders will be able to get 20% to 33% discounts off Moonrock Canada’s products and merchandise.

About Moonrock Canada

Established in 2016, Moonrock Canada is a premier Canadian cannabis company with more than five years of experience in the industry. Since its inception, it has created more than 1,000,000 infused joints and become one of the top 5 flower brands based on nationwide distribution.

With thousands of loyal customers and followers, Moonrock Canada is on its way to transitioning from a national brand into a global brand. The leading cannabis company obtained a regulatory division and is on the cusp of legalization in the USA, Mexico, EU, South America and many other countries.

By partnering with Moonrock NFT and Moonrock Coin, Moonrock Canada will work on expanding partnerships and community to pave the way for a higher consciousness for all.

Final words

There is truly no stopping the continuous growth and development within the cannabis industry. Moonrock Canada ensures that it is at the forefront of the innovation of cannabis, whether in real life or the Metaverse. 

The Moonrock NFT is an excellent way for cannabis enthusiasts to contribute to the growth of the cannabis industry. Purchasing and investing in these digital assets means supporting the higher consciousness and helping those with anxiety, depression and PTSD.

However, before delving into the crypto space and the Metaverse, invest in your financial and blockchain education. Avoid entering any investment opportunity without having enough knowledge about its concept and process. This is especially important for those planning to buy and invest within the crypto industry.

For more information about Moonrock NFT and its upcoming events, check out and explore Moonrock Canada’s website and head to its crypto section.

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