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Have you always dreamed of visiting the moon? Well, now you can, at least you kind of can. Our MoonRock exclusive products are the longest running and most trusted brand name in the game.

Our products are all made in-house. Sourced with the most quality local premium bud. Then dipped in the very best THC honey oil and rolled in premium quality kief. Each product is sourced locally in British Columbia and lab tested for purity and THC strength.

Our amazing products come in a variety of flavours including strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, and much more. All of the flavours are created through locally sourced and clean terpenes. The scent and taste is just absolutely delicious and unbeatable.

Just take one hit of either our MoonRock flower, pre-rolls or the blunt and you will see why they’re called “Moon Rocks”.

You may have had our pre-rolls, but have you tried our highest end and highest THC product the Stardust pre-roll joint or Moon Rock? This specific one ALSO includes some shatter.

But wait, we have loads of new flavours and products. This includes our delicious new premium blunts, which of course are also flavoured. Another new flavour you’ll find both in the blunts and pre-rolls as well as the flower is our delicious Strawberry Cheesecake.

Many different companies may try to imitate our original product, but no one comes close. You can find our products for cheap online with our very best buds,

What are you waiting for? You got to shop our MoonRock Canada products online now.



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