Little Magics: LSD (50ml)


LSD Micro-Dosing Tincture 500MCG – 10MCG per 1ml. This tincture contains 5 hits total.

A botanical blend of rose petals, cinnamon, and hawthorn are mixed with brandy and honey to create a warming, grounding and heart centered elixir that provides the base for this uplifting blend which includes 300mcg/ or approximately 3 hits of LSD, which equals 6mcg per milliliter.

Recommended dosing begins at ½-1ml and is best taken at the start of the day as it can increase energy, productivity, giddiness, and a sense of awe.

The right rhythm with this medicine varies from person to person. We recommend taking 1-2 days off between doses, as the effects can last several days. It is best to start slowly and build a relationship with it. You’ll find what works best for you! Taking higher than the recommended dose can cause unwanted side effects. Please enjoy responsibly.

WARNING: LSD should not be taken alongside the drug Lithium. Taking SSRIs may affect the therapeutic dose of LSD as it may increase your LSD tolerance. Consult a health care practitioner if you have concerns around interactions with medication or preexisting health conditions.

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