Moonrock Stardust Shatter Pre-Roll – Blueberry Crumble

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Bud + Shatter + Keif

Moonrock ‘Stardust’ Shatter pre-roll consists of a Hybrid AAA+ bud, blended in honey oil/ golden shatter and premium kief making this the most potent pre-roll product in our Moonrock Canada line. Adding a top selling flavour ‘Blueberry Crumble’ to our top selling pre-roll this will be a favourite to anyone needing the strongest pre-roll available in Canada.

70-75% + THC Shatter range! This (and the Meteorock Products) are our strongest THC products in the Galaxy.

You are in for a ride! See you on the Moon!

Limited Time Flavour BlueberryΒ Crumble.


FYI: Visually the shatter does not show as much on the paper cone as regular pre-rolls being a high viscosity almost solid it takes more heat to stick. Trust us this pre-roll packs a massive punch! Enjoy!