Sunnyside Botanicals: Sunny Gummies


20x Gummies Per Pack | (400mg-1200mg)

Directions: 1-2 gummies, once in the morning, once in the evening 1 hour before bed.

Everyone’s body and lifestyle is unique, and will respond to CBD and other supplements differently. As always, we recommend starting low and increasing as needed. While effects can take a couple hours to be felt, full benefits may not be realized until 2+ weeks of consistent use.*

*If you’re a seasoned CBD user whos been taking CBD sublingually, you may find you need a subtly larger than usual dose when ingesting CBD edibles. While gummies are a delicious, fun and convenient way to take CBD, our gastro intestinal system doesn’t absorb CBD at the same efficiency or speed as sublingual ingestion, so some additional experimentation may be required to find your optimal dose.

Earn up to 150 Points.

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