Purple Tuna Kush Strain Review


A few strains are as polarizing as the Purple Tuna. In our Purple Tuna Kush Strain Review, we dig deep into why this British Columbia original is both rejected and rejoiced by Canada’s bonafide potheads!

Purple Tuna holds a singular reputation within the cannabis community. It’s one of those strains that if you do know about, then you know what it’s all about. And it’s all got to do with two selling points: potency and pungency.

That’s right. The Indica-dominant kush is super potent – we mean it. A few huffs in, and even the veteran smokers will find themselves at the mercy of their couches.

And did we forget to mention that Purple Tuna is, well, fishy? We’ll give you a headstart on what it’s like to smoke this incredibly pungent kush. If it’s your first time, you’ll most likely gag at the not-so-nice taste. But if you love it, you’ll probably bogart the joint —an acquired taste indeed.

Purple Tuna Kush is a new take on an old classic, the Tuna OG. The strain has been popular for years, but sometimes it’s good to shake things up and try something new.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the mighty tuna fish in hopes that you may conquer the deep Pacific oceans yourself. All aboard and ready to sail!

Purple Tuna Kush Strain: An Overview

Purple Tuna Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that puts a spin into the classic Hindu Kush. It’s such a rare strain that its unknown breeders have yet to be revealed to this day. Despite its rarity, Purple Tuna remains a popular British Columbia strain thanks to the unique experience you’ll get from it.

We warn you: this strain is not for those afraid of the high tides. Purple Tuna is extremely potent and incredibly fishy, perhaps even more so than other cannabis strains of the like. Again, you have been warned.

It’s got a particularly pungent, fishy aroma that’ll turn off those who aren’t used to kush in general. And don’t get us started on the flavour — a taste that’s often described with words like “skunky” and “fishy.” You get the idea.

This rare strain induces one of the richest indica highs you’ll ever experience. With a high THC percentage of around 28%, Purple Tuna Kush sits comfortably in the forefront (in terms of potency) of the indica pack.

The untrained (or the uncultured) will find themselves gagging at the first smoke. But those who manage to press on will be rewarded with a beautiful Indica high. The onset is heady and euphoric. On the comedown, you’ll find yourself blissfully couch-locked and perhaps even thankful you got past the stanky initiation rites.

Purple Tuna buds do not necessarily qualify as appealing or eye-catching. With its amber hairs and mint-green nugs, you can easily mistake this particular strain for another. Luckily, it’s got rich resin production, as evidenced by the blanket of frosty crystal trichomes all over it.


This potent and highly pungent kush takes its genes from the crossing of two contrasting strains: the Lamb’s Bread and the Herojuana.

The former is a Sativa cannabis strain known for its uplifting effects. The latter is a potent Indica strain with an intense comedown. Together, they create a kush that induces a beautifully relaxing indica high that quickly melts into a solid couch-locking sensation.

Purple Tuna Kush Flavor and Aroma

There is perhaps no other more significant culture test (as the kids these days call it) than smoking and savouring the full flavours of a Tuna Kush.

In case you haven’t heard, the Tuna Kush’s stench is one for the ages. Don’t act all surprised – it’s named after a fish. And, of course, the Purple Tuna variation that British Columbians love lives up to this fishy legacy.

Purple Tuna Kush tastes pungent. We had hoped it would suffice to say this, but we’ve seen all too many amateurs gag at the first smoke. So let’s put it this way: it’s got a super sour skunk taste that brings all the sticky icky factors you either love to hate or hate to love.

There’s some complexity to it too. You get a wonderfully dank, spicy flavour that surprises with delicate sweetness intermixed. If you love a good taste bud challenge, then you should perhaps try picking one of these bad boys up.

Just as the taste is aggressive and uninviting, so is the strain’s smell. No florals, lavenders, or citrus – you’re getting the full range of funky stank on the initial whiff.

Bearing apart, the compact nugs will further release that super pungent smell. Set them ablaze in a safe-for-all-smells space because, like it or not, the air will be filled with the sweet stench of rotting tuna.

The flavours and aroma all-in-all do not transfer over all too well with one another. Unless, of course, if that’s what you’re into (no shaming here). If you manage to make it past its pungent smell and kushy fish flavour, you can’t call yourself an amateur anymore.

Purple Tuna Kush Effects

Here’s where it gets even more enjoyable. Purple Tuna’s effects have often been described as “euphoric” or “dreamy.” You probably get tired of the same keywords, so we’ll bring the experience to you smoke after smoke.

Your first smoke lays the groundwork for your astral encounters. One puff in, and you’ll be slightly stoney in just a few minutes.

We’re not kidding! Capping at 25% THC in each nug, this indica is equally potent and hard-hitting.

Experience dreamy introspection with this strain as the indica high kicks in. It washes over you with very happy cerebral effects – as if you’re floating through space and time. But unlike in the blockbuster film Gravity, where you’re in panic mode, you’re gliding through the entire heady onset.

A few huffs past one, and the warming body high begins to creep throughout your body. The effects blend nicely as it travels from your head to your toes, leaving you slightly couch-locked.

Your mind wandering, your thoughts vanishing – you’ll find it increasingly difficult to form coherent reasoning. But that doesn’t matter anymore. The only thing that does is your inner peace.

Unsurprisingly, the comedown is a full-on affair with the couch (or the floor, or the bed). A silly grin on your face indicates that you’ve made it to touchdown.

Purple Tuna Kush Side Effects

Though this cannabis strain gives you incredible cannabis highs, you also might get more than what you bargained for. Side effects of smoking this weed include:

  • dry mouth
  • red, bloodshot eyes
  • heightened anxiety
  • increased blood pressure
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • intense lethargy

As with any indica-dominant hybrid, you don’t want to blaze this during the daytime. It does impair cognitive thinking, so don’t even think of driving once you’ve dosed.

You will also get a case of the munchies with this one. So what better meal to pair this bud with than a tuna sandwich? Kidding aside, we recommend having a snack or two nearby to stave off feelings of hunger.

Purple Tuna Kush contains so much THC, and it can honestly freak out the inexperienced. Many veteran smokers still find this a challenging blaze. Build your tolerance to a reasonably high degree before taking on this heavy hitter.

Lastly, the overpowering taste and smell of the Purple Tuna can cause users to gag or throw up (worst-case scenario). Otherwise, you might feel a nauseous sensation if you’re not used to skunky tastes. 

Purple Tuna Kush Buds Appearance

We’ve said it before, and we again say: don’t go after this kush for its looks. You’re after the super skunk anyway.

That being said, it helps to know what any flower looks like so you know you’re not being ripped off. There’s nothing all too impressive about the Purple Tuna bud. It looks like your good ‘ol indica hybrid — just a whole lot fishier and punchier.

The nugs themselves come in varying rich shades of sage and dark green. Breaking open the buds will reveal a striking purple in the innermost parts. Like a secret waiting to be uncovered, it’s very compact, so you’ll need to put in just a teensy more effort in breaking those nugs apart.

Long thin amber hairs juxtapose the rich sage greens you get on the exterior. The outside is covered with frosty trichomes, indicating impressive resin production.

Purple Tuna Kush Benefits

We’ve talked about how pungent this strain can be. But you’ll be surprised by how much people still smoke this weed even if they hate the taste.

It does, after all, contain staggering amounts of THC — the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Purple Tuna Kush is a popular choice for Canadians to address medical concerns like chronic pain and mood disorders.

Offers relief from anxiety and stress

Users say that Purple Tuna weed’s heady onset and strong comedown help them deal with life’s daily stressors. Once you experience this bud wash over your worries, it leaves you in a thoughtful and peaceful state.

No wonder this strain is a popular evening choice for those who do the hustle. Truly a nice indica for when you need some time off after the long, gruesome grind.

Offers relief from chronic pain

The more THC a strain hud, the more effective it is in providing comfort in moments of physical pain. This cannot be truer in the case of the Purple Tuna Kush. With more than 20% THC, it’s one of the go-to options for effective pain relief.

Medical marijuana patients will find a peaceful respite with the buds. As the THC starts to kick in, this strain makes your body feel relaxed. Eventually, your worries slip away —and so does the pain.

Help treat mental disorders.

Prescription medicine for depression doesn’t always do the trick. And worse, it may even cause unwanted side effects like acne, stomach aches, and more. Maybe it’s time to pick up this indica dominant kush.

Thanks to its powerful THC punch, Purple Tuna Kush makes an excellent treatment choice for mood disorders. In this flower’s euphoric aura, your anxieties and depression vanish like petals in the wind.

Helps get you better sleep

No more tossing and turning during the night. Purple Tuna cannabis helps those suffering from insomnia weather the sleepless storms.

Its high THC content will get you stoned in no time. At the end of the working day, the only thing that matters is the zzz’s you deserve.

Purple Tuna Kush Growing Information

Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to assess how well Purple Tuna cannabis grows indoors. The reason is simple: their seeds are scarce. They’re always in short supply, so treat them as gold if you ever manage to snag a few.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that you aren’t at a loss if you don’t get to grow a batch of your own. According to reports, the strain yield is disappointing for the amount of effort required to grow.

Not many growers are willing to keep up Purple Tuna’s Stanky and skunky aromas. Neither should you. We think you should leave cultivation to be dedicated and committed professionals.

Where to Buy Purple Tuna Kush Online

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Conclusion: Purple Tuna Kush Strain Review

Purple Tuna is genuinely a one-of-a-kind strain — a true testament to the creativity of British Columbians. It’s powerful enough to challenge the most experienced of potheads. And to top it off, it’s incredibly fishy to the point of no return.

If you’re looking for a potent indica-dominant hybrid that’s all about heavy sedation and euphoric relaxation, then you might want to try this out. You’d have to somehow make it through its smell and flavours, though.

Those that press on, however, are rewarded richly with one the best indica highs out there. Underneath the stank is a THC treat that’s perfect for when you need to combat stress, depression, and pain.

Are you ready for your nightly take-off? Order Purple Tuna Kush today at Moonrocks Canada. Also, don’t forget to check other products in our store, so you never miss a galactic beat!

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