What The Hell is a Moon Rock?

We are here to tell you why you should be shopping with Happy Tree Buds. Not only are they one of our certified distributors, but also, they are a great source of education.

Not sure what a moon rock is? Maybe you’ve heard that term but it had nothing to do with cannabis. Maybe you instead think that “moon rock” is some kind of drug? Is it molly?

Well, when we say moon rock, you can rest assured it is not in any reference to any sort of hard drugs. Instead, we are referring to a wonderful high THC content product that we manufacture in-house!

These beautiful nugs smell delicious and most importantly… will get you HIGH! As soon as you take a hit of either our flower or pre-rolled joints or blunts, you will instantly recognize that “this stuff is GAS”. Share the gift of a beautiful moon rock with your friends by gifting them a MoonRock Canada product.

Honestly, we personally were not always able to tell when a product was really that “fire” or “loud” one. Based on research, it often appeared that a theme surrounded “ash that burns white” as an indication of some dank product. After giving out MoonRock Canada’s to multiple testers, we can assure you, that our products are probably one of the best on the market.

Not sure where to buy it? Well, you can checkout conveniently online with your credit card at Happy Tree Buds. Go ahead, give them a search and see for yourself.

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