Strongest Weed Strains You Can Get in Canada


We painstakingly compiled and carefully studied the top picks of many cannabis lovers as the best hybrid strains in Canada this year. We also considered what many of them claim as the best Sativa strains in the country today. Meanwhile, lots also asked us to review a few Indica weed varieties. When we took a closer look, we verified that some are among the best Indica strains of all time.

And today, we’re releasing our findings below. We’re calling this our best strain of all-time report. But we, of course, pruned our top 50 strains collection down to an easier-to-digest format. And yes, included are some of the strongest weed strains you can get in Canada this 2022. So let’s start!

Best Hybrid Strains: What Are They?

Hybrid weed strains are marijuana plants with mixed Indica and Sativa breeds concentrations. An organic process of cross-breeding is used to produce hybrid marijuana plants. This gives you buds with specific concentration percentages of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and other natural compounds that you can get from Indica and Sativa breeds. For example, a hybrid strain can have 40% Sativa, 60% Indica and 3% THC.

THC is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound in these plants. This gives you the euphoric high commonly associated with marijuana. But Indica plants are known to promote a high that’s different from Sativa breeds. This is attributed to the unique concentration of organic compounds and THC levels found in each breed.

For example, the best Indica strains of all time promote intense yet non-overburdening body high. This provides more profound relaxation benefits, especially if you suffer from body aches and other physical pains. Fatigue and stress are also known to be more manageable after smoking or ingesting buds from these Indica varieties of marijuana.

And this is unlike the best Sativa strains, which commonly give you a weaker body high but much stronger mind high. The primary benefit of these varieties is much better management of anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue and stress. These strains are also known to promote intense concentration, expanded consciousness, creative inspiration and focused motivation.

So by carefully combining the most salient benefits and effects of these Indica and Sativa varieties, what you’ll end up with are the best hybrid strains in Canada today. But first, let’s dig deeper and learn more about these two distinct breeds and what makes an end-product among the best weed strains in Canada this year.

What Are the Best Sativa Strains in Canada Today?

Many of the Canadian weed lovers we’ve interviewed throughout the past several months say they don’t have a particular Sativa strain in mind as their all-time favourite. They’re saying they consider several options they use from time to time as the best Sativa weed strains they’ve tasted so far.

But some similarities to what they like about these Sativa weed strains include its taste and the high that they get even with just small amounts of buds, which they smoke and use for their favourite recipes and snacks. Some say they prefer its punchy, mildly sour-sweet taste and its stronger weed scent over buds of Indica strains. These are some of the usual things you can get from Sativa strains.

Meanwhile, almost all Sativa bud lovers in this group say they find a good use for the high they get from smoking, vaping and ingesting buds from these varieties. Many of them have professions and hobbies in creative arts and similar fields like product development, engineering, communication and research. Though they also say what they consider the best strains of the Sativa varieties are those that don’t go overboard when it comes to the creative inspiration, focused motivation and intense concentration that they get from smoking and ingesting it. They say a few Sativa strains they aren’t fond of are those with a high that makes them a little anxious, giddier beyond comfort, and a bit paranoid.

What Are the Best Indica Strains of All Time?

Another group we interviewed consisted of Indica cannabis lovers all around the country. We noticed that many of them said the best Indica weed strains of all time are those that can give quick, long-lasting relief from a variety of physical conditions they have. Many of these can be pretty painful sometimes. These range from regular muscle soreness due to their profession’s constant back and leg pains, severe injuries, and subsequent surgical operations, among other similar physical ailments.

A lot of them also use these Indica strains to manage their insomnia. They say a couple of beers or a few shots of their favourite hard liquor each night after they smoke or ingest tiny amounts of their preferred Indica buds can often give them more restful sleep. They say they usually doze off easily a couple of hours after they finish their drinks. Plus, some say these Indica strains help them get rid of fatigue. Many claim this fatigue might be caused by the constant physical pain from their conditions. Others also claim these weed varieties help lower their stress to more manageable levels.

Quick Tips to Choose the Best Hybrid Strains in Canada This 2022

We’re now at the central section of our guide to the country’s best hybrid strains this 2022. We’ll cover the most potent weed strains you can get in Canada today and also other varieties most suitable for others who aren’t looking for the most potent strains out there today. We repeatedly tested and carefully studied the top 50 weed strains all around Canada over the past several months. Here’s our wide selection of cannabis flower recommendations. And what also shook out from our thorough tests is the simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand collection of tips below. Let’s start!

How to Find the Strongest Weed Strains in Canada Today?

This is a matter of knowing the Indica and Sativa concentrations and the THC levels that your shortlisted hybrid strains are packing. Simply put, the higher the THC percentage of the strain, the more potent it is.

But because THC levels in weed strains are known to range from 0.2 to 30% or even higher, you must keep in mind the legal limits imposed throughout Canada and in other countries if you intend to travel and carry some with you as you enjoy your vacation at your overseas destinations. So remember, across many regions in the country, CBD products can have no more than 0.3% THC per pack of 1000mg. Meanwhile, the legal limit for possessing weed in Canada is no more than 30 grams of dried buds. Since restricting THC levels in weed strains is a more challenging policy to implement, setting a weight limit for possession effectively deals with the problem.

Also, your idea of the strongest weed strains in Canada indeed isn’t the same as what everybody else wants for themselves, of course. For example, if you prefer Indica strains over Sativa varieties, then the strongest hybrid weed strains for you would be those that can give you a potent body high. So let’s break that down for both groups.

How Can Indica Bud Lovers Find the Strongest Hybrid Strains in Canada This Year?

The quickest answer to this question is finding hybrid strains with the highest possible Indica concentration. And if it’s your first time to take weed, then you’re advised to start with the lowest possible THC percentage, as well as a small amount that’s enough for you to feel high. For example, you can test out a hybrid weed strain with around 80% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 0.3% THC.

Doing this technique allows you to determine if you’re getting the Indica-induced body high that you want. So looping through your shortlisted strains with different concentration combinations, of course, one at a time with reasonable intervals of, say a few days or longer, can enable you to pinpoint the strongest hybrid weed strains for you.

Plus, by starting from small amounts and low THC levels, you can better understand and gauge how your body responds. This also enables you to build up your body’s natural tolerance as you gradually work your way up to slightly larger amounts with higher THC levels. Remember, the point is to enjoy your high and its benefits.

How Can Sativa Fans Find the Strongest Weed Strains in Canada This Year?

Now for Sativa weed enthusiasts, you’re also recommended to choose strains with higher Sativa concentrations. As for potency, the strongest Sativa weed strains have the highest percentages of both Sativa and THC.

You’re advised to test hybrid strains with a combination of 60% or more Sativa and 40% or less Indica concentrations. As for THC, this depends on your experience and the natural tolerance of your body and mind when it comes to managing the Sativa-induced effects of these buds.

For instance, if you’ve been smoking, vaping or eating weed and edibles regularly for the past couple of months and have been doing this at random frequencies throughout the past couple of years, then you can test out Sativa strains with 0.3 to 10% THC or more. But as always, start with small amounts, especially if you decide to use Sativa buds with THC levels at the higher end of this range.

And if it’s your first time, then as mentioned earlier, you’re recommended to go with the lowest THC levels, the smallest amount that’s possible for you to feel high, and a more balanced Sativa-Indica concentration of say 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, or even a 50-50 split. You can ramp up your weed consumption incrementally as you build up the tolerance and familiarity of your body and mind.

But How Can You Find the Strongest Balanced Hybrid Weed Strains in Canada Today?

This section of our best hybrid strains in Canada 2022 guide is for those who prefer a well-balanced combination of the body high that you can get from Indica varieties and the mind high of Sativa breeds. This translates to benefits that include relaxation and relief from physical pains and body aches or soreness, better management of stress and fatigue and anxiety, and brief bouts of mildly or moderately intense concentration focused motivation and creative inspiration. This year, you can check out our best concentrates to learn more about our carefully hand picked selections.

During the past few months, many Canadians in the groups we recently interviewed say they experience this well-balanced high from hybrid strains with Sativa-Indica concentrations that average out to around a 60-40 split. And they also claim that they notice this when taking strains with low THC levels of about 0.3 to 0.5%, regardless of which variety has a higher concentration.

And when they want to taste the strongest weed strains in Canada today without breaking this balance, they say what they almost always do is increase the amount they smoke, vape and ingest across a shorter period. This, of course, makes sense. That’s because, just like alcohol, the THC gradually builds up in terms of volume in your blood. So by giving your body and mind a shorter time to process this compound while you’re simultaneously adding more thoroughly, you’re bound to feel a stronger high that also lasts longer.

Can You Drink Alcohol While High on Weed?

Today, a guide to the best hybrid strains in Canada won’t be complete without discussing this topic. Generally speaking, many groups all around the country don’t recommend taking alcohol while high on weed or vice-versa.

Their reasoning behind this is that it’ll be more challenging to predict the body and mind high of THC when combined with alcohol. They say both substances are known to have physiological effects that can alter the state of not just the mind but the body’s internal organs. For example, hybrid varieties can slow down the heart, pulse and breathing rate and lower the body’s sugar levels. Meanwhile, alcohol also has the same effects on the body. So when mixed, these effects might be dramatic enough to cause issues.

Plus, the psychoactive and sometimes psychedelic high of weed is also likely to be more challenging to predict when combined with the similar mind-altering effects of alcohol. They say this combination has been known to cause unusually high anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia or depression in many individuals.

Still, others say they can effectively have some drinks while on weed without any adverse effects on their behaviour. But many research groups claim lots of these individuals have high alcohol and THC tolerance as they’ve been doing this regularly for the past several years. They also say these individuals only drink a couple of beers or a few shots of hard liquor within a reasonable period, almost always do this only in controlled environments like their own homes or with veteran trip-sitters, and just smoke or vape and consume small amounts of weed with low levels of THC.

So what this shakes out to is to enjoy alcohol while on weed and a much lower risk of any adverse effect. It would be best if you had sufficient tolerance to both substances. Plus, you’re recommended to do this only in controlled environments, more so with trusted trip-sitters. And, it’s advisable for you only to take small amounts of weed when you intend to combine alcohol.

The two latter techniques are pretty simple to follow and easy to understand. However, the first one requires a lot of time and many tests. So keep this in mind before you decide to combine alcohol and weed.

Can You Have Coffee When on Weed?

Some would quickly answer yes to this question. But because we’ve been talking about the most potent weed strains in Canada this year and the top 50 weed strains of all time, we feel this needs a much closer look before we answer.

Remember, Sativa strains promote a much stronger mind high, as described in more detail earlier. And this is also true for hybrid strains with higher Sativa concentrations. Meanwhile, this mind high is known to cause creative inspiration, intense concentration and focused motivation.

Now considering that coffee has similar effects on your mind, especially when drinking lots of it within a short period, we’re again at the dilemma of its combined effects with those of weed being harder to predict. Some research groups claim mild to moderate insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks have been reported in many individuals when combining Sativa strains and lots of strong coffee within a short timeframe. Also, with coffee being a diuretic, dehydration poses a problem when drinking it while on weed, just like alcohol.

Meanwhile, caffeine’s stimulatory effects can counter the body high of Indica strains. Some Canadians reported they tend to take more weed than usual when they’re also drinking several cups of coffee while smoking, vaping or ingesting edibles. This poses a possible problem, primarily because taking more significant amounts of weed means adding more THC to your body. And when the effects of coffee wear off, you could end up having a stronger body high than what you want.

So again, finding the right balance when deciding to enjoy coffee while on your favourite weed strains is the way to go. And to do this correctly, always use small amounts of these substances, gradually working your way up to your liking based on the tolerance that your body and mind build-up to the effects of coffee and weed.

Quick & Simple Safety Tips to Avoid Serious Problems When Taking Weed

To conclude our guide to the best hybrid strains in Canada this 2022, let’s talk about a quick checklist that has been proven to drastically reduce the likelihood of severe accidents and unforeseen events with serious adverse effects to yourself and others around you while you’re on weed. And beyond just being precautionary steps, these tips have also been proven to significantly reduce serious problems that may happen after these accidents and unforeseen events.

  1. Consult your physician or any medical professional with proven expertise in relevant fields. Do this before you start using new weed strains that you believe have components or concentrations you haven’t tried before, especially if it’s your first time testing these substances. Remember, you might have allergies that could lead to more severe complications upon ingesting the compounds in weed and others.
  2. As mentioned in more detail earlier, always observe the tolerance that you steadily build-up for your body and mind to these substances. This will allow you to determine the safe increments to add to your dose if you take larger amounts and experience a more potent high later.
  3. Always avoid operating any machine that poses a serious threat to yourself and the lives and property of others around you. This includes any vehicle, heavy equipment, tools like power saws, motorized lawn mowers and so on.
  4. A trusted trip-sitter should accompany you while you’re high on weed and other substances, especially if it’s your first time to try it out. More so, doing this under the controlled settings of a safe environment is ideal.
  5. It’s always best to have a list of emergency contacts handy with you at all times. You or your trip-sitter and others around you would be able to quickly call emergency responders with medical expertise in relevant situations immediately in the event of problems and accidents.

We hope you keep these tips in mind, along with the other stuff covered by our guide to the best hybrid strains in Canada this year. By doing this, you won’t just be able to find the strongest strains you can get in Canada today, but also the right Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains for your particular preferences.

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