The History of The Moonrock Pre-Roll


Weed culture is growing larger and faster than ever before, and as the cannabis market continues to expand and explode, it can seem overwhelming as to where to shop and what to buy… We’re here to help make that decision as easy as possible for you! And answer this paramount question: “Why is a MoonRock pre-roll so much better than a regular pre-roll?”

To this day, MoonRock Canada is the only cannabis company in the world using glass tubes for pre-roll joints. Proclaimed as “the strongest bud in your galaxy”, we’ve proudly been serving Canada for more than five years. We are thought leaders in the cannabis industry, and we’ve got the reputation to back up that statement…

We strive to give our subscribers an intergalactic experience as a result from having access to our products. Whether that be use as medicative, or more for a mental escape, we make interstellar space travel possible, by nurturing the medicinal to inspiring the recreational cosmonaut, one experience at a time.

In 2016, we started with only four MoonRock jar flavors: Original, Blueberry, Grapefruit and Strawberry. Within three months, it quickly became apparent that there was a desire to teach the Canadian cannabis community that MoonRock’s can be smoked in more ways than just in a bong or a pipe… And then the pre-roll idea began to percolate… The MoonRock Canada community depends on well-grown, high-quality products, and we knew the pre-roll creation needed to be presented in a way that not only matched, but exceeded those expectations.

Our founder sought out glass test-tubes with cork lids as casing for the pre-rolls to ensure the flavor and terpenes would stay strong within the packaging. Delivering the product in this way provides the freshest taste possible and longer shelf-life. The glass pre-roll tubes allow the customer to extinguish the 1.2 gram joint and cork the lid, making them reusable while protecting the freshness. In addition, MoonRock is the only cannabis company using natural flavoring, this measure adds a little extra to the essential terpenes (Trademarks pending).

And so, the MoonRock Canada glass tube pre-roll was born! The flavored pre-rolls quickly became as popular as the MoonRock’s themselves. Our signature packaging has even been attempted to be imitated around the world, as far as Dublin, Ireland right back to Canada’s East Coast, and even through ex-employees. They are just that desirable and delicious.

Every MoonRock pre-roll consists of AAA+ Hybrid bud, blended in honey oil and powdered golden-keif. Testing around 55-60 per cent THC, each joint is 1.2 grams in weight. While we’re proud to offer the highest-grade pre-rolls, both in quality and consistency, we definitely faced our fair share of struggles during the creation.

The MoonRock joint itself revolved around keeping the oil, flower and keif blend proprietarily consistent. And with the flower burning faster, the blending consistency needed to be as accurate as possible. After months of research, trial and error and development, the MoonRock team was determined to find new and innovative ways to make the pre-rolls as meticulous and consistent as possible. By testing different oils on a variety of rolling papers, we were able to discover what brands were heavier and offered a more slow-burning affect. This led us to utilize RAW organic rolling paper cones for our joints. These combined with our proprietary natural flavouring process (spraying the flower itself while the blend mix is being prepared), the MoonRock pre-roll came to be what it is today.

The result of our efforts led to very happy customers in the cannabis community. The medicinal clientele was extremely satisfied with the potency of the pre-roll and the feedback from daily smokers was equally as prominent. Heavy cannabis users don’t have time for simple concentrates, a normal pre-roll only offers about 15-25 per cent THC.

The MoonRock Canada community immediately fell in love with our creation. By consistently offering between 51-60 per cent THC per 1.2-gram glass tube pre-roll, we became the brands brand of pre-rolls.

Today, we’re very proud to offer Canada 13 different flavors in 1.2gram pre-rolls, as well as ½ gram pre-rolls. Our new half size joint solves the issue some cosmonauts found from smoking an entire pre-roll and going all the way to the moon. In addition, we now offer Cosmic Blunts, slow burn blunt pre-rolls, with the same signature glass tube packaging.

AND LASTLY, we are delighted to share the strongest, most potent pre-roll available in the galaxy…MoonRock Canada’s exclusive Stardust shatter pre-roll line. A mix of cherry-oil and shatter, this pre-roll has since taken over as our most desired and top selling pre-roll in 2020. Delivering massive arsenal, with a THC content between 70-75 per cent, this pre-roll is not to be taken lightly. It is the strongest and readily available pre-roll in the galaxy today.

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