What are moon rock Skittles?


Unless you’re an experienced cannabis user, you’ve probably never heard of skittles moonrock. Many people wrongly assume that it’s a type of ecstasy or molly, but it isn’t a hard drug, it a very potent type of cannabis. 

Moon rocks are considered to at the top of the tree when it comes to strength. If you’re looking to get high, very high, then moon rock is the perfect option. They hit the big time when the well know rapper Kurupt, trademarked a brand of moon rocks. They’re named moon rocks both for the way they look and how high they’ll get you. 

How moon rock is made

To make moon rock, you start by taking small nuggets of marijuana and then coating it with concentrated hash oil. It’s common to use the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Once dipped in the hash oil, it is coated in a layer of Kief, which are the crystals that cover the cannabis plant. It contains cannabinoids and terpenes and is often referred to as dry sift or pollen. 

Skittles moonrock is made using the same method but the colour is often added to give the moon rocks their ‘skittles’ name. Some people use food colourings, others use coloured sherbert-style powder. Either way, it makes for an interesting effect of colourful moon rock. 

A lot of people think that there is a special type of marijuana that is used for skittles moon rock, that isn’t true. You can use any strain, as long as you use the whole bud. The potent high comes from the triple threat of the bud, hash oil, and kief. 

How to use it?

There’s no special way to take moon rocks you can smoke it like you would any other strain. Roll it into a joint, pipe, or bowl. Be warned though, because of how it’s made, it can be difficult to keep lit. If you’re finding it really difficult, use a pipe or a bong. 

Most users recommend you use glassware for your moon rocks, and for good reason. The way that moon rock is made means that it can be quite greasy and will need to be broken up. 

You can technically roll it, but you’ll struggle to keep it lit for long and it will take a lot of moon rocks to make a joint. A good trick is to put them on top of some flower and that should give you some good foundations to keep it lit. 

How strong are skittles moon rocks?

Moon rocks are not for beginners or those with low tolerance. They are strong, very strong. The typical moon rock is up to 50% THC. To put that into perspective, standard strains are around 20%. When making your own moon rocks, you can choose a strength that’s right for you, with the right combination of hash oil and kief you can dial the potency up even further. 

If you’re also looking for therapeutic effects, you could add CBD products to the mix. CBD is used to treat many conditions including seizures, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and chronic pain. 

The experience you’ll get is very different from most other products. Most users report an initial effect followed by another jolt after about 30 minutes. 

Where to buy skittles moon rock 

If it’s moon rock you’re looking for, then look no further than Moonrock Canada. We supply only the best quality moonrock in Canada. In fact, we’re the original supplier. 

In our online store, you’ll find a selection of flowers, hash oils, and kief to make your own moon rocks. We also sell pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and vapes too for a more convenient experience. 

Smoking tips

If you’ve never smoked moon rock before, you need to prepare yourself first. First, don’t smoke if you have any plans for the rest of the day. Chances are you’re going to be asleep anyway. Until you know how much it affects you and for how long, it’s best to give yourself the luxury of time to find out. 

Eat first

Some people can find skittles moon rock very strong to the point where they feel a little nauseous. Having something to eat before you smoke can help with nausea. It’ll also take the edge of any munchies you might get later on too, and they can be intense. Stick to plain foods and drinks until you know how it affects you. If you’re a more experienced user, it might not affect you as much as it does some other people 

Drink some water

Moonrock is notorious for giving you a dry mouth. So you’re going to want to hydrate. Drink a lot of water before you start smoking, and keep some with you too. 

Choose a safe place to smoke

Be prepared for an intense high. You’ll want to experience it in a comfy and safe environment. Make sure you’ve got everything you need to hand so you don’t have to try and navigate any tricky stairs or anything to get somewhere. Then just sit back and enjoy. 

Take your time

If it’s your first time, take it slow. Only increase if you’re comfortable and can handle it. 

Pros of moon rocks

As with all types of cannabis, there are a number of advantages to smoking moonrocks

  • Great for people who like an intense high
  • Good value – a little bit can do a lot
  • Strong therapeutic effect

Cons of moon rocks

Moonrock is definitely not for everyone and should be built up to over a period of time. Here are the most common reasons that people might not like it above other types of products. 

  • The high can be too intense for a lot of people
  • They can be difficult to keep lit 
  • They can melt if not kept in cool conditions 

Buy with confidence 

At Moonrock Canada, we stock everything for casual and experienced users. From flowers to edibles and accessories, you can shop securely in our online store. We’re the first name in moon rock in Canada. 

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