What Are Pre Rolls?


Pre-rolled joints are weed joints prepared by a cannabis merchant, dispensary, or company. Consumer-ready pre-roll joints solve the burden of grinding, rolling, and sealing cannabis flowers into a joint. Pre-rolled joints usually come in strain-specific flavors, in different sizes and potencies.

The primary objective of pre-roll is to provide a low-cost and straightforward, ready-to-use product for the typical user. They’re trendy among newbies who wish to keep the original joint’s traditions alive. Furthermore, pre-rolls last longer in storage than regular rookie joints.

This post will discuss everything you should know about pre-rolls and what makes them different from traditional joints.

Pre Rolls Overview

A pre-roll is a single chalk-stick-sized rolled-up packet of cannabis that’s ready for you to smoke when purchased from a dispensary. Pre-roll joints are rolled like cigarettes with hemp-based paper or wrap to keep all of the ground cannabis within.

Pre-rolled hemp blunts and joints come in various sizes, ranging from a few puffs to the length of a full hand. For cannabis smokers on the go, pre-rolls can be a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional joints and blunts.

Advantages Of Using Pre Rolls

Because of their simplicity and portability, pre-roll joints have remained a popular consuming method. Pre-rolls eliminate the need for rolling joints on your own, whether you want to enjoy your favorite cannabis strain with peers or prefer the experience of smoking a joint.

Pre-rolls are easy to use, come in sustainable packaging, and have a variety of potencies to please even the most experienced cannabis plant aficionados. They’re perfect for group sessions and guaranteed to make you feel chill, happy, and uplifted. 

Pre Roll Vs. Traditional Joints

The competition is growing, and it is only for the consumer’s good. After all, there are now a plethora of pre-rolls on the market: joints, blunts, spliffs, cannigars, and so on. As previously stated, numerous types of pre-rolls are available on the market. We’ll tell you more about them from now on, and you might even be inspired to try some of them.

Pre-roll fat ends are tapered off to a narrow filter or crutch tip you can light. In contrast, joints are typically smaller and more tube-shaped. Pre-rolls generally include a little more weed than joints, making them ideal for sharing.

As far as the level of weed a pre-rolled joint contains, let’s look at how the different types of pre-rolls plus the level of marijuana they contain.

Various Types Of Pre Roll Joints

Pre-rolled joints come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We’ll mention 3 of the most common types here below.

Doobies: A classic doobie is a joint weighing between 0.5-0.75 grams or 1-1.5 grams. The bleached or unbleached rolling paper created from a range of natural sources is used to roll these joints. They’re usually stuffed in like a cannon.

King Sized Doobies: A fatter roll (1-1.75 grams of flower) or a stylized filter are possible with king-sized doobies. Some feature larger diameter filters that deliver a bigger punch, while others have a longer, funneled shape providing more pull and a somewhat cooler hit.

Dipped Doobie: Roll the regular joint doobie in kief, and boom, you have a dipped and rolled doobie. It may appear overly simplistic, yet that’s what it’s called. Alternatively, it can be rolled in the hash. Some producers may also roll it in powdered THCA or CBDA isolate.

Simply put, it’s cannabis dipped in cannabis and then rolled in more cannabis flower.

Moonrock Pre Rolls: Caviar joints are a variation of Dipped & Rolled Doobies in which the filler is caviar, often known as “moonrocks,” rather than premium flower.

Moonrock Joint

Moon rocks made from marijuana are the “champagne” of the marijuana industry. As you just read, they’re even referred to as cannabis caviar by many cannabis consumers. A nugget of marijuana is dipped or sprayed with concentrate, or hash oil, to make Moonrocks.

They’re made up of various marijuana products that have been rolled into a single, extremely strong nug. Cannabis dispensaries commonly create them using Girl Scout Cookies flower and concentrate (not Thin Mints), although they may be made with any strain.

The potency of Moonrock is determined by how it’s prepared, who prepares it, and the components involved. However, Moonrock rolls usually contain about 50% THC. Most popular dispensary strains have between 17-28 percent THC, to put that into perspective.

Shop Moonrock pre-rolls to get a taste of these blessings, and don’t forget to check out the Moonrock Assorted Pre Roll Bundle.


A spliff isn’t that different from a joint, but it contains tobacco and marijuana in one rolling paper. They usually have more tobacco than a blunt, resulting in a more energizing, buzzing feeling from the smoke. However, cannabis smokers can adjust the cannabis-to-tobacco ratio to suit their tastes.

Spliffs usually contain crutches as well. They resemble actual cigarettes in terms of appearance. They typically come in packs of 5-12 pieces, with either actual foam filters or regular cardboard filters the same length as cigarette filters.

Amount Of Weed In Pre Roll

Pre-rolls range in size from traditional doobies to king-size cannagars. Depending on the size of the cone, the most widely available pre-roll cones hold anywhere from 0.75-1.5 grams of cannabis flower. Hence, you can obtain a wide range of marijuana quantities depending on the size you buy.

Cannabis smokers might find it interesting that most typical users can get high by smoking anywhere from 0.75-0.95g of cannabis. Anything above a gram is usually reserved for more experienced users with a higher tolerance or divided among a group of people.

Final Thoughts

Pre-roll joints are a convenient method to enjoy cannabis on the go. Proper storage might extend your pre-roll joint’s shelf life if you keep it in an airtight container in a chilly, dry, and dark location. 

Pre-rolled joints usually come in strain-specific flavors and have different sizes and potencies, which you can find labeled on the packaging or the seller’s website.

This article attempted to explain the basics of pre-rolls, cone sizes, and the potency and amount of the cannabis flower inside. Hopefully, you’ve learned enough about these necessary supplies to make intelligent purchasing decisions.

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