What are the Strongest Weed Strains


Everyone likes the strongest thing in the world. There are the strongest people in the world, the strongest materials in the world, and the strongest animals in the world. With marijuana now legalized in many states and provinces across North America, it’s no surprise that weed growing is vying for the strongest weed in the world. As a result, many new strains are mixing with old ones to produce extremely potent results. 

To help you decide if the strongest weed starting is for you and which ones to go for, we’ve curated a list of some of the strongest ones you are likely to find. The excellent news is they are not only strong but flavorsome as well, these strains of weed have many dimensions so sit back, skin up, and read on.  

Grease Monkey 

Greasy Monkey is the strongest weed strain on the list with a THC content of 31%. This is an average value and can vary depending on the week’s growing conditions. It’s always a good idea to check out the growing conditions if you can since hemp is an accumulator plant that absorbs the soil nutrients – or other materials – around it. 

So what do you get when you smoke Grease Monkey? You get a powerful high for one thing. The high build quickly for you then subsides, after the initial euphoria there is a calming relaxation that sets in. 

Pacman OG 

Another particularly strong strain of weed and Co tender for the strongest strain in the world is Pacman OG. This weed strain has a THC value of around 29%, but as with Grease Monkey, that value can vary and depends on growing conditions. This strain is recommended to regular users due to its strength. 

When you ingest Pacman OG you are hit with earthy tones and a citrus aroma. It immediately puts your body into a deep hypnotic state with plenty of euphoria and psychedelic experiences. Following that, it tails off and leaves you with a relaxed feeling of joy and wellbeing. 

99 Problems 

You might have 99 problems but weed ain’t one, at least not if you have some 99 Problems weed in your storehouse. 99 Problems is again a very potent form of weed dominated by sativa which makes it very psychoactive but also creative and uplifting. 

This strain of weed has a value of between 28-30%, so still up there with the strongest strains of weed, you can find. Using 99 Problems will result in a pungent weed aroma with hints of fruity berries. When this strain is in your system it will boost your focus, increase your energy and encourage your creativity. 

Chocolate OG 

Dropping down slightly, Chocolate OG is still a strain of weed and quite potent, but less so than the previous strains on the list. Some breeders say that Chocolate OG comes in at 30% value but that’s not always the case. On average this strain of weed is a 26% strain. 

The dominant feeling of Chocolate OG is relaxation. There is not the same Euphoric hit you get with the strongest strains. The more you puff on this the more relaxed you will become, you will also find yourself more giggly than usual. 

Blue Walker 

Blue Walker sounds more like a brand or bourbon than a strain of weed, but don’t get the two confused or you could be in for a surprise. Blue Walker is a potent strain of weed and one of the strongest you’ll find in the world, even though it’s distinctly less strong than the list’s top three. 

This weed strain is made from 90% Sativa and contains a THC level of nearly 27%. The combination of these two components delivers an experience that is simultaneously euphoric and relaxing. Following the initial buzz you will happily sink into a state of relaxation. 

Banana Kush 

Weed enthusiasts love Banana Kush and it deserves its place at the top table despite a lower potency than some of the world’s strongest strains. Banana Kush has an interesting story to tell. It is a cross between OG Kush and a male Banana plant. This gives it some unique qualities. 

Smoke up some Banana Kush and you will feel the sedative effects right away,  this is what the strain is best known for, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have any euphoria either, and with a THC content tent of 27% it’s not hard to see why. 

Durban Kush 

Durban Kush is another hybrid strain of weed that combines OG Kush with Durban. Again, it is not the world’s strongest strain of weed but it is potent and makes it onto the list with a THC range of between 25 and 27%. This strain has earthy overtones that you will notice right away. Notice the pine and spice in the air. 

When you consume some Durban Kush you will immediately be hit by a strong flavor and potent experience. Following the initial wave, you will feel energised and uplifted. This is a nice strain of weed if you seek happiness, lightness, and a relief to anxiety and pain. 

Bruce Banner 

To finish off the list let’s return to the start with another one of the strongest weed strains in the world. Bruce Banner contains a whopping 29% THC bringing it into contention with Pacman OG and 99 Problems. If you want a strain of weed with some kick and potency then try Bruce Banner. 

Although it’s a strange name the weed experience is not so unpredictable. You will get an initial wave of strength from the smoke as it enters your system. You will feel euphoric and lightheaded. When that passes expect to settle down into a state of relaxed contemplation. 

To sum up 

The strongest strains of weed on the market aren’t for everyone, there’s no point in jumping in at the deep end and coming away with an unfortunate experience. But for veteran weed smokers, these strong strains are a great way to push the margin of your weed knowledge and sample new flavors and experiences.