What is Cosmic Caviar?


The recent years have been great for cannabis and its many fans. In the US, a total of 19 states have legalized non-medical marijuana. Canada is running on three years of having recreational weed lawfully okay across the country. As a result, many people have become a lot more confident turning to more novel ways of enjoying weed.

One of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis is by way of edibles, particularly the gummy types. Gummies have become the most popular way to consume cannabis. After all, who doesn’t love a good, sugar-packed edible that makes you forget about your inhibitions?

Let’s break down one of the highest rolling THC gummies to date, Cosmic Caviar by Moonrock Canada.

What is the Cosmic Caviar?

Cosmic Caviar is one of Moonrock Canada’s most popular THC edibles. They are unlike any other cannabis gummy in that they were made by our world-renowned in-house culinary chef with the potent delta-9 distillate evenly distributed and cooked in, and not merely sprayed onto the gummies.

Cosmic Caviar gummies are not just hard-hitting, they are also unbelievably good. Our expert chef made sure to create an amazingly special and great-tasting blend that will make anybody’s weed game take on a sweeter turn.

Cosmic Caviar is available in a variety of sizes in both THC and CBD, and in assorted mouthwatering flavors. There is a Cosmic Caviar bag for everyone.

How Potent is the Cosmic Caviar?

A single Cosmic Caviar gummy is packed with 10mg THC or CBD but the strong high and medical benefits it gives makes those who have had it wonder if it could, in fact, possibly be carrying more.

As is typical of weed gummies and weed edibles as a whole, Cosmic Caviar gummies can take a couple of minutes before the effects become noticeable. One must, therefore, be careful not to ingest more than one gummy at a time, as they might end up taking more than they could handle because “these edibles are nothing.”

We know, we know, Cosmic Caviar gummies are irresistibly delicious, but just try holding off as much as you can. Trust us, it’s for your good! 

Why Do So Many People Like Edibles Anyway?

Yeah, we wonder… how there are people who don’t!

For one, gummies are such a fun and nostalgic way to enjoy all the great feelings that marijuana can give. Secondly, they are probably the most discreet way to do so. If those are not good enough reasons, let us have a look into the other grounds for why THC gummies rank so high in the most preferred methods of ingesting cannabis:

  • Eating marijuana gummies are a sweeter alternative to smoking the herb.

And they are a lot friendlier to the lungs, too! The lack of smoke is a bonus for those who want to enjoy their Mary Jane without having to ignore dirty looks from non-fans of smoking either weed or cigarettes. To some, this attribute is what makes gummies so amazing.

Oh, and yes, gummies take us all to simpler times. What’s there not to love?

  • Gummies can give you the same euphoric experience, minus the troubles of prepping.

Imagine being able to enjoy all the good that cannabis can give without having to go through the usual hassles of prepping for a sesh: deciding how much to pinch from a nug stash, grinding those bits, and then rolling them into a joint. Now wouldn’t that be the dream.

Except it is not. Gummies make that very much a reality. Just pop one into your mouth, settle into your couch, and you’re good to go!

  • THC gummies are rarely inconsistently dosed.

Not many people realize this, but cannabis gummies being consistently dosed is such an important factor that can’t be overlooked. Knowing how much THC you are consuming, for example, will prevent any unfortunate surprises such as feeling unwell or having a low high that puts a damper on the night.

Most adverse cannabis reactions reported stem from being hit harder than expected. The culprit? You guessed it—uneven and inconsistent dosing. Out of all edibles, gummies prevent those from happening the most.

  • THC gummies are a lot less harsh on the pocket.

A common myth surrounding cannabis edibles is that they are on the pricey side. The reality is that they’re not. In fact, they generally cost less than flowers or oils. Buying gummies in bulk can stretch your savings even further. Moonrock’s Cosmic Caviar comes in various sizes of “Space Bags” so you get to pick out the size that works with your budget best.

The Best Place to Score Your Cosmic Caviar From

…is the source itself. Moonrock Canada has been known in the cannabis industry to be a brand that makes its own delectable gummies.

Sure you can get Cosmic Caviar from stores that share the same mission of making cannabis more accessible, but getting it directly from Moonrock Canada allows your questions about Cosmic Caviar and all their other products to be answered a lot quicker!

Shop with Confidence at Moonrock Canada

Moonrock Canada is a cutting-edge, online weed shop with the best products for your cannabis needs. We offer Moonrocks, Moonrock Pre-rolls, flowers and edibles (Cosmic Caviar gummies included!), and other weed products that are perfect to smoke or ingest or enjoy any other way on any occasion or time.

Our products have been top quality since our beginnings in October 2016, and after five years of maintaining that quality, we have come to be known as the Masters of Moonrock. Moonrock Canada has had a meteoric rise to the top of Canadian marijuana culture thanks to our impeccable customer service, swift and efficient order processing, and unwavering reverence for quality. 

We have a variety of cannabis strains that you can choose from on our online store along with exclusive deals when buying in bulk. For those looking to buy weed in Canada legally without any hassle or risk, we are here waiting for you!

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