Where to Buy THC Nerd Ropes in Canada


What’s more fun than candy? Candy that gets you high!

Ever since the legalization of cannabis, there has been a surge in new products. One such product is THC-infused candy bars and gummies. These candies are made from high-quality ingredients like organic cane sugar and natural flavors, so you can enjoy your favorite treats while still feeling good about what goes into them. They even come in different types for those who prefer vegan or gluten-free options.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes THC-infused candies and gummies so loved by cannabis users. 

Edibles: How It All Began

There are many legends about humans using cannabis in food, but the earliest mention had to be from ancient Hindu religious texts.

The people of India used a plant called Bhang (cannabis) which was documented and created into some very interesting concoctions by those founding fathers as they were just starting their religion.

A few hundred years later, France too infused coffees and teas with hashish: an extract made from one type of marijuana that is not smoked like today’s joints or blunts for recreational use.

But it wasn’t until 1839 when Americans found out all about this herb themselves after several experimented tincturing beverages at home with extracts common among Europeans who would’ve been importing them illegally up north before then due to strict import restrictions.

Fast forward to another hundred years, and the first mention of cannabis being used in food in the 20th century was in Alice B. Toklas’s cookbook, where she included a recipe for a brownie that made use of “a bunch of cannabis sativa.”

One last time travel to some decades later, and the world of edibles has grown exponentially, with the number of types and options still increasing as we speak.

Let’s look at all the ways edibles have evolved.

Edibles in the 21st Century

Many people from all over the world have such incredible ingenuity that it would be virtually impossible to name all the kinds of edibles that cannabis lovers have created and enjoy. This list is not at all exhaustive, but we thought we’d at least introduce you to some of the most common ones.

  • Brownies

The popularity of marijuana edibles can be traced back to the creation of Alice Toklas’s pot brownies, believed by many as being the first ones ever made.

The THC-infused treats are especially popular among those who do not want to smoke or have lung complications from smoking cannabis but still enjoy its effects and benefits in their desserts.

  • Cookies

A favorite among cannabis enthusiasts, THC-infused cookies are a far cry from the traditional kind. As opposed to ginger snaps or oatmeal raisins, these sweet treats that are sometimes referred to as “space cookies” offer an uplifting and energizing high that is perfect for long days at work—or lazy Sundays relaxing with Netflix binge-watching!

  • Drinks

With the popularity of THC-laced beverages slowly rising, some people are bending their heads in confusion. 

Recently there has been an increase in edible drinks mixed with marijuana that are legally drinkable as well. As always though, these drinks must be consumed moderately because if you overdo it then things can go awry quickly enough (we’re looking at you alcohol).

  • Candies

THC candies can come in almost every imaginable way: chocolates, suckers, and gummies are the most common. These are also blockbuster edibles because of their light and generally fruity flavors. It can even be argued that THC-infused candies are the best-selling marijuana edibles today.

Oh, and the fact that they deliver a certain sense of nostalgia is the cherry on top!

Why Many Cannabis Enthusiasts Gush Over Candy Edibles

What makes cannabis edibles such a big hit? It could be because of the approximately 150 different flavors to choose from. But it may also have something to do with their consistency and versatility in terms of dosage amounts.

Cannabis-infused candies can offer anywhere between 20mg and 1000mg per unit, depending on how much THC each candy contains (an industry-standard is 10 mg). The ease at which doses are measured out into portions by edible manufacturers doesn’t hurt either—just bite off what you need!

Candy edibles are a great way to add some extra flavor and sweetness into your cannabis experience while still getting the psychoactive effects of THC. Candy offers many different benefits for people who may be sick, want an alternative method of intake, or just enjoy its delicious taste!

It’s physically impossible to pick a favorite among all the kinds that THC edibles come in. However, there are a few that we’ve tried that really stuck.

One of them is a THC-infused edible that came all the way from our childhood: THC Nerd Ropes. 

What are THC Nerd Ropes?

Nerds are a favorite treat for many, but these nerds have an additional twist—they’re infused with THC. These Medicated Nerds Ropes come in flavors of Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, and Grape each providing 400mg of THC to the rope. They’re perfect after a long day at work or just to enjoy any time!

This product is available in 1g, 3.5g, and 10g bags with attractive packaging designed to keep your buds fresh and odor-free for your enjoyment!

The way the “ropes” are presented make them easy to break up into small pieces or larger pieces depending on how much of a buzz you want at any given time.

Are you craving for this childhood treat with a twist? Read on to find out where you can cop yourself some!

Where to Buy THC Nerd Rope in Canada

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